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V1 VoIP Hosted Wholesale Softswitch

Completely manage your VoIP clients with the V1 VoIP hosted wholesale softswitch

V1 VoIP’s hosted wholesale softswitch is a turnkey solution for VoIP providers is backed by an incredible robust Switch engine powered by PortaOne and its centralized management for the entire VoIP network. The V1 VoIP hosted wholesale softswitch solution allows clients to efficiently manage large traffic volumes leveraging the full power of the hosted softswitch and hosted billing platform without capital investments into VoIP and billing infrastructure.

With the V1 VoIP hosted wholesale softswitch you can completely manage your VoIp clients. Least-cost routing and priority-based routing enable V1 VoIP providers to maximize their revenues. Adaptive routing allows to dynamically measure vendors’ performance parameters and adjust routing to control the quality of service. See your CDRs in real time. Get instant advanced statistics, including hourly, daily, weekly ASR, ALOC, Cost, Gross Margin, Revenue and many more features that help providers run their wholesale VoIP business in the most efficient and profitable manner.

Awesome features of the V1 VoIP Hosted Wholesale Softswitch include:

* Turnkey switching solution integrated with billing
* Highly scalable (thousands of concurrent call channels)
* VPN Suppport
* H.323/SIP and SIP/H.323 transparent conversion
* Unlimited number of VoIP terminating vendors
* Automatic adaptive routing based on quality measurements
* Unlimited routing plans (e.g., economy and premium) based on call prefix
* Profit guarantee routing and monitoring
* Fail-over routing ensures dynamic re-routing in case of vendor failures
* Bi-Lateral Traffic exchange
* Effective quality measurement for:
* ASR (average success rate)
* PDD (post dial delay)
* ALOC (average length of call)
* PPM (profit per minute)

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The Difference between a V1 VoIP Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch?

the difference between class 4 and class 5 voip softswitch explained by V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP is proud to offer both Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches. These softswitches are software-based platforms that organize and route telephone calls virtually.

What is a softswitch?
A VoIP softswitch routes calls rather than a traditional PTSN calls. If you are wondering what the difference and capabilities between the two are, allow V1 VoIP to explain:

Class 4 Softswitch
A Class 4 softswitch routes calls over long distances, for example between San Francisco and Washington D.C. A Class 4 switche routes large volumes of traffic including all the traffic between various Class 5 areas.

Class 5 Softswitch
A Class 5 softswitch routes calls between end-users or consumers in relatively small areas like a single city, town or even small state like Rhode Island. Even a small country can be operated by a Class 5 softswitch. Class 5 softswitch platforms are best suited to residential areas and small home offices. Therefore, VoIP and telecom service providers that wish to sell telecom service to residential customers use a Class 5 switch to do so.

If you have questions about which softswitch will work best for your business, please contact member of the V1 VoIP team. We will be happy to hear about your VoIP business and help you decide which softswitch will help your service grow.

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V1 VoIP Class 5 SoftSwitch Features

V1 VoIP Class 5 Softswitch Features

V1 VoIP offers a carrier grade class 5 softswitch backed by powerful PortaOne technology. Our softswitch is integrated with a state of the art billing solution and Interactive Voice response (IVR) system. Our softswitch has been developed to suit V1 VoIP service providers with retail and wholesale operations, irrespective of their scale of business.

Multi-level reseller support, easy end user interface, integrated billing, and class 4 & 5 softswitch features are some of the highlighting features of V1 VoIP Softswitch. Important features such as reporting and monitoring tools, enhanced multi-tier security architecture, and supporting multi-modal origination devices and termination options are also included. Because of these features the V1 VoIP Softswitch becomes an ideal platform for all ITSP’s who want to provide service to retail consumers for their VoIP needs.

Based on V1 VoIP’s proprietary technology and partnership with PortaOne, the V1 VoIP Softswitch can be used in a single server platform as well in distributed architecture. It’s scalable and redundant deployment architecture makes it suitable for large IP carriers, who want a fail proof system in today’s competitive and service oriented market. The V1 VoIP Softswitch platform has been designed to meet the highest needs of carriers with multiple termination routes and has enough versatility to be used for traffic origination across calling card, call shop, IP devices, PC softphones (also called PC2Phone), DID’s and mobile VoIP applications.

For a free demo of the V1 VoIP class 5 softswitch and all it’s capabilities, contact a representative of V1 VoIP today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and show off our awesome technology.

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V1 VoIP Wholesale Traffic Hosted Class 4 Softswitch

V1 VoIP wholesale transit voip traffic offered with hosted softswitch

At the end of the day, VoIP is all about traffic and how that voice traffic is exchanged. If you were to make a routing list of how traffic is received, it would look like this:

customer (the one that makes the calls) → local VoIP service provider →
VoIP traffic transit company (or a whole network of them) → VoIP termination provider → PSTN network

Transit traffic exchange companies may be considered the transporting medium of VoIP. This setup usually includes a switch, billing server, support for H.323 and SIP protocols and contracts with several origination / termination partners. As such, this is mostly a Class 4 featured type of business, based on post-paid operations.

For operators looking for a Class 4 hosted softswitch, V1 VoIP offers the following options:

* Dynamic routing with profitability and capacity control, to you maximize your business incomes
* Customers management and accounting, tracking of invoices, payments and balances
* Rate tables management, including smart importing tools, automatic targets and offers generator and more
* Advanced accounting features, cash flow control, mutual settlements
* Resellers / agents network of unlimited depth
* Subscription services and products billing and management
* Reporting and analyzing tools, including detailed and profitability reports
* Real-time monitoring and quality control to keep facilities in perfect shape
* Rock-solid stability and unparalleled performance
* Web-based billing workspace, that features convenient user interface. Personal web access is available for you, your resellers, agents, customers and partners

Get started as a Class 4 hosted softswitch right now. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today.

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