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Cloud Concerns – Calming Customer Fears

V1 VoIP addresses commonly misunderstood cloud VoIP security concerns

If you are reselling cloud services in the VoIP industry, there’s a good chance that your customers will be talking about the fears they have from misunderstood security concerns. Here, V1 VoIP explains what the Cloud means, how it is used in VoIP services and solutions and how to address your customers’ concerns.

“The Cloud” simply means a virtual space to store your data. Think of it as a virtual hard drive for storing files which can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Because this information is stored virtually, there’s a concern to how safe this information is when it’s stored in the Cloud. Security-related issues are always a top concern for businesses when it comes to signing up for new VoIP technology. So let’s address those security myths with realities.

Businesses of all types and sizes are looking to use the Cloud to manage their everyday operations because they want to take advantage of this new, inexpensive technology, and use it with a goal of helping their business run much more efficiently.

All potential customers are going to want to know if your security standards are appropriate. As more resellers are choosing to sell cloud VoIP services, potential clients are going to want to know how much data you will be storing for them, and how much this will cost. They will want to know if your data is encrypted when it’s being uploaded, downloaded or stored in the cloud. Because some cloud folders are shared, potential customers want to understand the details of how this works. Lastly, potential customers want to know what their options are if the Cloud is hacked into or any data is lost.

As long as you’re prepared to offer your potential customers the information they want and need to make a smart purchasing decision, you’re going to end up at the top their list. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today with any other cloud security issues you are having.

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Hosted V1 VoIP Phone Systems: Your PBX in the Cloud

V1 VoIP explains what a hosted VoIP PBX system is why resellers will have customers who thank them for it:

hosted V1 voip phone systems pbx in the cloud

Cloud Hosted PBX
The “Cloud” means that the resources, equipment, and technical expertise required for the technology to run are not kept at your location. Instead, the service is typically delivered to you via the Internet by V1 VoIP. V1 VoIP is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the service, taking on this responsibility so you can focus on running your business. We also usually employs enterprise-grade hardware and software, redundant equipment for fail-overs, and off-site co-location in order to ensure highly-reliable service.

Traditional phone systems have fixed provisioning at installation. Hosted phone systems give you room to grow with scalability. With a VoIP hosted Phone system the number of phones in your network isn’t restricted by switching equipment. Adding a new employee is only a matter of plugging the phone into your broadband connection and watching it boot. It connects via the Internet to your PBX in the cloud, and can be fully active with rich dial tone in just minutes.

Flexibility is the real attraction to hosted VoIP. You can also add new phones anywhere and connect seamlessly to the same phone network. Since the service is all managed via the Internet, there’s no limitation on the geographical layout of your V1 VoIP hosted system. You can have your main office in Atlanta, a remote office in Texas, and run your customer support out of San Diego, and all of these locations will operate effectively and efficiently through the same hosted VoIP phone system.

The flexibility of hosted VoIP paves the way for you to develop a strong, reliable telework program. Telecommuters can connect with your office via a VoIP phone at their home and your callers would never know the difference. Beyond simple connectivity, advanced VoIP solutions like V1 VoIP’s also offer a wide array of remote employee management tools, such as visual call reports with performance metrics and the ability to record and review live calls. These tools help you keep telecommuters on task, so you can enjoy the benefits of a telework program without worrying about productivity.

With a smart hosted V1 VoIP phone system, calls are not just going to give up and go to voicemail when you don’t answer at your office. Since the call is routing through us to you via the Internet, V1 VoIP’s phone system can automatically check the list of phone numbers you’ve provided online for your extension and keep hunting until the call lands on your cell phone. Or better, when you know you’re going to be out of the office for an extended period, you can easily have calls delivered straight to your cell. That means better connectivity while mobile resulting in fewer missed business opportunities.

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to see a free demo of what a V1 VoIP cloud hosted phone system can do for you.

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V1 VoIP White Label Hosted PBX Resellers

V1 VoIP offers a white label cloud hosted PBX reseller program

V1 VoIP offers all the latest and most technologically advanced features that cloud hosted PBX has to offer. With cloud hosted PBX, there is very little hardware management involved and this technology is easily scalable from anywhere from one to thousands of users.

Another way to take advantage of V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX is by becoming a PBX reseller, providing a rich revenue stream with high levels of technical support. V1 VoIP offers a white label cloud hosted PBX reseller program. By becoming a V1 VoIP white label reseller your company maintains it’s own customer base, providing services to the individual customers on the front end, while still partnering with V1 VoIP as the system provider. The savings can be passed onto the customer, providing telephone solutions that are cost-effective for the customer, yet still with high profit margins for the providing company. The company works as client development, as well as a sales team.

With either of these Hosted PBX options, a company can develop a regular revenue through providing customer service and sales directly to the customer, while avoiding the difficult technical maintenance and infrastructure development. If you think you or your company could benefit from a Hosted PBX partnership from V1, contact us with your questions or to get started today.

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Sales Tips for V1 VoIP Cloud Based PBX Resellers

V1 VoIP offers sales tips for our cloud based PBX resellers services solutions

Being one of V1 VoIP’s cloud PBX resellers means not needing the start-up costs necessary and instead you get to focus on how you can provide your customers with the best services possible so they can start utilizing the many benefits that a cloud PBX system can offer them. V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX resellers offer small and medium-sized businesses an affordable way to outsource their communication services.

At V1 VoIP, it’s our job to be knowledgeable in all things cloud PBX-related, so we can train you properly and your customers will see you as informed. Here are key notes to tell your potential customers about V1 VoIP cloud based PBX:

1. The cloud will save your customers money
It always comes down to money. Customers are going to want to know how much money they’re going to save by making this big switch with you. The answer will depend on the size of the company, but a rough estimate is about $20 a month or about $250 a year for a small company.

2. How does the cloud work?
Instead of data being stored on a piece of hardware, it’s stored in a virtual ‘cloud’ that floats around in space holding onto its bits of data.

3. What does PBX mean and what does it do?
PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange, and refers to the technology utilized to route the phone calls. PBX units were previously quite standard, as well as bulky in size, but were required for any medium or large-sized companies that used this technology. With cloud services, it has become usable for even small companies without taking up the space.

4. Why else should I use it?
Saving money is the number one benefit of cloud-based PBX, but it offers companies so much more. One of the greatest benefits it affords is flexibility, expanding when the business needs it without a lot of complications.

5.What about mobile employees?
Using a cloud PBX system means employees can make their business calls from anywhere, even remotely. Calls can also be easily routed from the office to an employee’s personal phone, which means that they don’t have to miss any more phone calls or potential opportunities.

V1 VoIP answers all the questions our resellers have about offering cloud-hosted PBX services so you can add them to your reseller portfolio. If you have been looking to add cloud-based PBX services to your reseller portfolio, contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about how your customers can benefit from this technology.

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