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V1 VoIP Explains Difference Between Business VoIP and Cloud PBX?

V1 VoIP explains the difference between business voip and cloud pbx

Exactly what is the cloud? How does it differ from business VoIP and which will better serve your clients. No need to fear! V1 VoIP will break it all down for you!

Business VoIP is the latest technology that offers business enterprises an efficient telecommunication system at a relatively low cost. Conventional phone systems use circuits switched by PBX equipment and phone lines connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). VoIP, on the other hand, transmits voice over the company’s existing data network. The system converts the signal digitally and sends it by voice data packets through an Internet Protocol (IP). The fact is VoIP can also access the PSTN, allowing calls to reach conventional land lines.

Many useful features that are either costly or absent with traditional PBX systems are just standard with VoIP. These features include advanced call forwarding and electronic messaging, auto-attendant, three-way conferencing, Advanced Call Distribution (ACD), call routing etc. If your VoIP clients are a medium to large companies, or even a small and expanding one, they should seriously consider using a VoIP system for theirbusiness.

Cloud PBX is merely a phone service which is provided through the internet, and it is the phone service provider who is responsible for the maintenance of the client’s cloud PBX system. Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications, switching and storage are hosted by a third-party outside your business premises.

Cloud PBX has all the features of a conventional telephone system including Caller ID, Voicemail and call routing. A benefit of Cloud PBX is scalability. It is enough if you initially buy the base system and add extensions and features as your business grows. With normal telephone systems it is necessary to pay more or install additional wiring to add another phone line, but this is not the case with a Cloud PBX system.

In view of the fact that Cloud PBX operates through the internet, you can have a telephone connected to the Cloud PBX without geographic limitations. Regardless whether you stay in the office or move around, if you have a Cloud PBX phone service you will not miss your calls. You can automatically have the Cloud PBX system call your mobile phone.

There are different versions or services available with the Cloud PBX system – Public Cloud PBX, Private Cloud PBX, and Hybrid Cloud PBX. Each of these Cloud PBX systems uses VoIP- technology, and offers a host of benefits. A cloud PBX phone system also allows users to get connected to VoIP handsets.

VoIP and basic Cloud PBX technology have been around for a few years, but the technology is still advancing making PBX systems increasingly popular. V1 VoIP offers both business VoIP and Cloud PBX to our resellers. To find out more about both of these offerings and which of them would be best for your clients, please contact V1 now so we can show you how beset to meet your clients’ needs!

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V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX Feature List

V1 VoIP offers cloud hosted PBX VoIP along with a full suite of PBX features to private label resellers for businesses. Cloud hosted PBX offers dozens of features that are attractive to businesses of all types and sizes. V1 VoIP resellers update us regularly with the features their customers love >and also request.

Here are some of the features that V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX offers:

Incoming Privacy Screening Force callers with “no caller ID” or “blocked caller ID” to enter a number that will be presented as their caller ID.

Find Me ( Digital Assistant) Setup a personal assistant to “find you” at up to five(5) Locations. This feature is configured per extension, and offers an extensive number of options to route calls once they have reached the given extension Callers are asked to “announce themselves”, and are offered the option between locations to try the next location, or to leave a message.

Call Queue Call queues are used to route calls in a first-in-first-out manner to the appropriate extension or group. These extensions can be agents logged into the system. Call Queues are commonly used with an ACD, where the callers hear an announcement that says something like “thank you for calling, all available agents are busy, you are Nth caller. Estimated wait time is N minutes. Please hold for the next available agent, or press N to leave a message”. When the call is ready to be routed, the ACD handles the routing rules.

Call Hold Place calls on hold, and play music or a commercial on hold.

Attended Transfer Transfer a call to an extension, group, or phone number AFTER announcing the party being transferred.

Unattended Transfer (Blind Transfer) Transfer a call to another extension, group, or phone number WITHOUT announcing the party being transferred.

Call Forwarding Forward calls via the Portal, or via your device or SoftPhone. Calls may be forwarded to any extension or phone number. Device or SoftPhone forwarding functionality may vary by manufacturer.

No Answer Call Forwarding Automatically forwards your calls to an extension, group, or phone number when you do not answer your phone.

Busy Call Forwarding Automatically forwards your calls to an extension, group, phone number when your phone is busy.

Do-not-disturb (DND) A device or SoftPhone feature that simulates a phone being off-hook, sending calls received directly into voicemail. Other routing options are also available.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Used to route calls in a call center environment to the appropriate agents, based on factors such as time availability, behavior, and priority levels.

Call routing based on business hours, after hours & holiday hours Allows routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple schedules can be configured, as in the case of departments with different hours of operation.

Speed Dial A device or SoftPhone feature that automates the dialing of a pre-determined phone number.

Company Wide Directory A list of contacts and phone numbers that are uploaded via the Portal, and are made available on an IP phone or SoftPhone. Forward your calls Locally or Remotely via Phone or Web Call forwarding is easy to setup and manage.

Caller ID Blocking Disable Caller-id for all outbound calls made from your PBX.

Office Intercom Dial another user’s extension, activating their phone speaker to make an announcement

Conference Bridge Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password protected conference calls. Callers can be assigned talk-listen or listen only access.

Custom Music On Hold Music provided by Customer, and uploaded through the Customer Portal

Call Detail Records Real-time call logging is available via the portal. From, to, call duration, date and time, and call type (International, On-Net, etc). In addition, frequently called numbers can ‘tagged’ with text descriptions for legibility.

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Unified Cloud Based Hosted Communications by V1 VoIP

advantages of the cost saving unified cloud based communications solutions of V1 VoIP Hosted VoIP

There is no such thing as two businesses which run exactly alike. This is why V1 VoIP offers resellers the flexibility of calling plans and features to meet the needs of each company and its employees.

Resellers are making the switch to V1 VoIP’s Hosted services because businesses see the advantages of combining cost-saving, cloud-based telephony with the efficiency of unified communications. With V1 VoIP’s cloud based hosted VoIP solutions, voice mail, web services, video, instant messaging and presence, fax and phone services are combined into one powerful solution.

The following are some of the benefits of V1 VoIP’s cloud based hosted unified communications:

1. V1 VoIP will save you money! Since cost savings are the first thing prospective customers ask us, let us break down how many ways V1 VoIP’s cloud based hosted solutions will make your phone bill less each month:
* With V1 VoIP hosted VoIP, you can forget the cost of leasing, buying and maintaining a PBX or Key System. We take care of it for you
* By taking business to the cloud, you will reduce the cost of telecom and IT support
* Move, add and change employees quickly using a simple web-based portal.
* Think you’ll have to pay extra when switching broadband services or providers. Nope, there’s no cost.
* Save time and money when integrating and training your employees with a one-stop solution.

2. There’s no shortage of features that will increase productivity and collaboration with your employees.
* Take advantage of superior calling features like Find Me/Follow Me so you never miss a call, and Fixed Mobile Convergence to seamlessly move calls between mobile and office phones.
* Connect whenever, wherever with affordable communication and collaboration features to work across devices and locations.
* Improve voice mail communications with voice mail-to-email and voice email-to-text transcription. It makes out of office communications a breeze.
* Client applications to enable services on any device from your desktop PC to your iOS or Android device.
* Video Calling and Instant Desktop Sharing to improve collaboration.

3. Flexibility! V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP solutions allow you to customize to your needs.
* Choose which calling plans you want and use different billing options for any type of business.
* Decide between options of affordable long distance plans.
* Mix and match Hosted Voice & Hosted Unified Communication feature sets based on individual employee needs.
* Use your own broadband or choose from Broadvox DSL, T1 and Ethernet services.
* Choose from a large selection of phones and network equipment.
* Installation and training services, tailored to the needs of your employees.

Still have questions or want to get started today? Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to learn more and get started!

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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Features for Resellers

V1 VoIP resellers offer business customers cloud hosted PBX phone systems full of telecommunication features

V1 VoIP resellers keep reporting a rise in business customers asking for cloud hosted PBX systems. These state of the art systems offer everything a business could need to keep their communications running at full speed and offer so many features that can keep them competitive. There are even features a small business didn’t think they needed or wanted and now can’t live without. Here’s a list of some of the features that businesses are loving from V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX.

Auto attendant IVR
This is the part of the V1 VoIP system that initially answers the incoming calls, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. Callers hear a custom business greeting, and then are given options for routing their calls. The message heard by callers when the auto-attendant answers incoming calls can be changed to meet your specific needs. Record the exact greeting you want callers to hear; in a manner that suits your budget. You can take advantage of professional voice talent at a nominal fee.

Extension Dialing/ Transfers
Sometimes the caller you are speaking with needs to talk with someone else in the company. Most hosted phone systems can’t do transfers of any kind, and callers are required to call back in to the main number and ask for another extension. With V1 VoIP’s you can transfer callers anywhere in the system: – to another employee, to the operator, to a queue, or to an outside number. The hosted PBX can also be configured to perform supervised call transfers. When enabled, you can talk to the person at the other extension or outside number before you transfer the call.

Music on Hold / Custom Message on Hold
Improving your company image can be as easy as playing a little music. While callers are waiting to be connected to an extension, they can listen to music or a recorded message. Choose music from a wide variety of interesting titles, or generate excitement and interest with a promotional message.

Ring Groups
A ring group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Typically support, sales, and accounting would have ring groups to share the incoming calls among employees of a company.

Personalized Voice Mail
The V1 VoIP system allows you to customize the greeting that you give callers. You record your own voicemail greeting, so callers hear your voice and you can say anything you want.

Voice Mail to Email
You can receive email notification. You can even be notified you’ve received new voice messages with a text message to your cell phone.

Call Waiting
Call Waiting allows callers to reach you even when you are on the phone with another call. You will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You will then be able to put your current caller on hold and answer the new call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as you’d like. It’s like having two lines while paying for only one.

Call Parking
With the Call Park feature, you can “park” a caller on a dedicated extension while you use your phone to make another internal or external call, or page another employee to pick up the call. A parked call can be picked up by any extension within the organization

3-way Calling
Calling lets you add a third person to your phone conversation, so you don’t have to hang up, dial another number, speak to that person, and then return the original call.

Call Forwarding / FindMe-FollowMe
With follow-me calling, extension owners (employees) create a list of phone numbers where they might be reached, such as the number of the phone at their desk, their home office, or their cellular phone. One of these numbers will be set as the default number that the system sends every call. If the employee enables follow-me, calls not answered at the default number will then be transferred to any other enabled numbers on the follow- me list, as the system attempts to “find” the employee and connect the call. If no one answers any of the numbers, callers are routed to the employee’s central voicemail. With follow-me you never have to miss an important call because you’re on the road. We can reach you in any location there is a phone.

Dial by Name Directory
Callers can be given access to a company directory when they don’t know a specific extension number. You have the dial-by-name directory on the last name of the employee.

Voice over Fax
The V1 VoIP system handles incoming faxes automatically, without the need for a fax machine. The faxes are delivered as .pdf files, and can be viewed through our web tool, or forwarded to your email for viewing.

Call Queuing/ ACD Queuing
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queues are used when callers may know what they want but not who they want. ACD queuing is a critical business function, especially for call centers, and needs to be as robust and feature-rich as possible to allow the maximum flexibility for your company. Typically, these callers will want to be connected with a department, such as sales or support. With ACD, employees (agents) log into a queue group so they can answer calls for a specific department. Incoming calls are routed into the appropriate queue, and the calls are distributed to the agents logged into that queue. Many suppliers simply route calls to a list of names (a hunt group) and call it ACD queuing—leaving customers with incomplete and frustrating systems.

After Hours Greeting day and night modes.
You may want your phone system to act differently after business hours. You have several after-hours options, available at the click of a button:
* Change the greeting callers hear, but leave the system fully active. Callers will know that business hours are over, but may still try to connect to an extension. With follow-me calling, answering options, and voicemail each employee can decide if they want to continue to take calls or simply collect messages.
* Change the greeting and send all calls to voicemail. You’ll know that messages have been recorded through our notification features.
* This features is also great for the holidays to announce specials, sales, and even holiday hours.

Flexible Call Recording
Leave the system in full operation, or put it back when the office opens again. Use the V1 VoIP flexible Call Recording feature to monitor calls, train new employees, or for legal needs.

Web Portal Interface
To help make system configuration easy, we provide a graphical, web-based tool, accessible from any web browser. Administrators are granted complete access to oversee, change, and monitor all system functions.

Quiet Mode
When you need quiet time put your telephone in a state that will not ring and calls will automatically be forwarded to voicemail.

Call Logs (Total/ Per Extension)
Call logs keep a complete record of all your inbound and outbound calls and faxes. View the number or extension dialed, the time, date and duration of the call.

Single Unified Inbox: Voice Message/ Faxes
Customer selfcare login with remote access to view and organize all inbound Faxes and Voicemails

Every business can benefit from these features and more! Contact V1 VoIP today to begin offering our cloud hosted PBX systems to your business customers.

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