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V1 VoIP Cloud Service Reseller Tips

and medium businesses with security concerns” src=”http://www.v1voip.com/images/2016/cloud-based-voip-services-and-solutions-v1-voip-reseller-security-concerns.jpg” alt=”V1 VoIP resellers offer cloud based VoIP services and solutions to small and medium businesses with security concerns” />

By the year 2017, VoIP phone technology services will be considered ‘the usual’ when it comes to a small or medium-sized business’ communications system. Following that lead, cloud VoIP services will be what the big businesses are choosing for their business communication system. Since efficiency is one of every business’ goals, more and more businesses are actively seeking out V1 VoIP resellers for our cloud based VoIP services and solutions for their particular business.

So just what is the cloud? Think of the cloud as a virtual file cabinet for data. Instead of storing files on a hard drive, files are stored in a ‘virtual cloud’ which can be accessed from anywhere as long as they have an internet access. Lots of cutting-edge businesses are looking to use the Cloud to manage their everyday operations because they want to take advantage of this new technology, and use it with a goal of helping their business run much more efficiently.

Because this information is stored virtually, there’s a concern to how safe this information is when it’s stored in the Cloud. Since the number one concern for all businesses when it comes to signing up with new VoIP technology phone services are security-related issues, there’s a definite need to address these concerns. They will want to know if your data is encrypted when it’s being uploaded, downloaded or stored in the cloud. Because some cloud folders are shared, potential customers want to understand the details of how this works. Lastly, potential customers want to know what their options are if the Cloud is hacked into or any data is lost.

After addressing security concerns, potential customers will next want to know about data quantities. Expect questions like how much data you will be storing for me? Which will be immediately followed by: how much this will cost.

Don’t wait any longer to be able to offer cloud based VoIP services. Contact V1 VoIP today to become a reseller for the cloud.

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