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Dialer Short Duration V1 VoIP Termination Traffic

V1 VoIP offers dialer short duration voip termination traffic

A problem with dialer traffic is that is can overload a network infrastructure because the traffic can be delivered in high volume of calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. This ultimately results in the need for substantial hardware and connectivity infrastructure in order to accommodate such traffic.

V1 VoIP has a segregated platform that allows us to provide the highest quality US and Canada VoIP termination service for dialer and short duration needs. If you need to pass those calls and in high volume, V1 VoIP is the provider for you!

Many SIP termination carriers of dialer traffic often increase rates to handle the amount of traffic. Their difficulty is the large amount of cost needed to support that type of load given the low revenue per call that results from this type of traffic.

However, V1 VoIP delivers service that allows customers that use auto dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs low. If you have dialer traffic, we invite you to try out V1 VoIP’s termination service solutions.

Unlike most wholesale termination carriers, V1 VoIP welcomes, invites, and caters to all types of service. Speak to a V1 VoIP representative today and let us save you money on your dialer termination with unlimited capacity and guaranteed quality!

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