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Why V1 VoIP DIDs are Better Than the Rest

A DID is a phone number, it’s that simple. DID stands for Direct Inbound Dialing, and it’s the inbound phone number a person uses to dial. If your phone number is 555-5555, than those seven digits are the DID.

What makes a V1 VoIP DID different?
A DID in common terms is the phone number you dial when you make a phone call. Ask one carrier what makes their phone numbers special and they will say nothing. A phone number is a phone number no matter what you do. So why is it that V1 VoIP says that our DIDs are better than the rest?

It’s very simple. It’s the price!

We haven’t met a competitor yet that can beat our price and none that will match it because our pricing is so good. Our North American (United States and Canada) are priced at a mere $0.15. Now you can get the phone numbers you need anywhere on the continent at bargain basement prices. Yes, it’s still just a phone number, but you will be getting it for much less than any other carrier can offer it at.

So if another carrier tells you that their DIDs are special or different from any other’s, ask them how much their DIDs cost. If it’s more than $0.15, contact V1 VoIP to get one of our DIDs today! Our incredibly low pricing only start with the phone numbers!

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Top Reasons for Local Phone Numbers for Business

While toll free and vanity numbers are in demand by many V1 VoIP resellers for their clients, there are cases when using a a local phone number may be the better option for a particular businesses.

The first and foremost reason why is because local brick and mortar establishments still enjoy more trust from their local segment of customers. If the business offers a ‘local’ touch, then a local phone number will work to enhance it and the local telephone number will make you seem more accessible.

Having a local phone number may improve your ratings in search results, as Google will be able to associate you with a certain location and thus show you on the SERP for a certain geographic-related query.

Studies have showed that ads with local phone numbers received 60% more calls than the ones with toll-free numbers. To most readers toll-free translated to ‘waiting’, ‘call centers’, ‘answering machines’ and ‘not local’, which is not the approach of a company looking to being ‘closer to people’.

The bottom line is, choosing the right telephony option depends on the needs of the business. Large companies willing to limit their customers’ expenses and enhance their images as big international brands should no doubt go for toll-free.
Whichever your choice is for the company, V1 VoIP is able to fulfill it. Contact V1 VoIP now and access our database of DID phone numbers from over 12,000 rate centers and enjoy all the benefits that VoIP can offer.

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V1 VoIP is Private Label Reseller Virtual DID Leader

V1 VoIP is a private label reseller leader in DIDs with large footprint for virtual phone numbers toll free numbers and fax numbersV1 VoIP is a leader in DID phone numbers. As a V1 VoIP reseller, you can offer your customers to the freedom to no longer be tied to a phone number from their area code/location. Now they can not only keep their existing phone number but also choose any international DID phone number or Virtual Number.

What is a DID?

DID stands for Direct Inward Dial numbers. DIDs are used to receive incoming calls using a VoIP service. These numbers may be called from any regular phone, including landlines and cell phones. Whether you are a local, national, or global business, you can use your DID numbers. V1 VoIP resellers can have their customers select a phone number in your local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers located across the world.

V1 maintains a vast inventory of local, toll-free, virtual and vanity toll-free DID’s. You can search our DID inventory and purchase DID’s from within our VoIP Portal or using the XML API in real-time. Once purchased, DID’s can be linked to a VoIP order allowing the customer to receive incoming calls from non-VoIP users. You can also route DID’s to any external SIP server in the event you have your own PBX or simply want to sell DID’s as a stand alone product.

One of the most popular DIDs is are the V1 VoIP virtual phone numbers. A virtual phone number is like a usual local phone number as it is a service to forward incoming calls. The incoming phone calls to virtual phone number are automatically forwarded to another landline or cell phone number of that city or country which the client chooses.

V1 virtual phone number allows a user to:
– set up the phone number in any country of the world
– save money for international calls
– save the phone number after you change the address of the company
– conversation сconfidentiality
– great for ad campaigns
– save money for international calls.

More of the DID options V1 VoIP offers:

1. Local Numbers: You can choose numbers from USA and Canada.
2. International Numbers: These numbers belongs to a particular country and particular city.
3. Virtual local fax number: Also called internet fax or online fax, these numbers allow customers to recieve fax messages and forward them to e-mail in pdf format.
4. Toll Free Numbers: You can choose toll-free numbers from US, Canada, US+Canada or international numbers. Unlike a local (domestic or international) number, a toll-free or freephone number usually only works within one country or one country code but is free to call from a land line.
5. iNum DIDs: It is a global phone number, it doesn’t belongs to a particular country, or even a particular city.
6. Virtual SIP Numbers: These numbers can only be reached via “SIP URI” over internet.
7. DIDs with Virtual PRI (Per Channel): Available on request

Increase your VoIP reseller business by offering your customers access to more DID options. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP DID team today to learn more.

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