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How do V1 VoIP Fax Systems Work?

V1 voip fax saves you money while taking your office into the digital millennium

One of the more sought out features for business VoIP resellers is V1 VoIP’s fax. Remember that scene in Office Space where they beat up the fax machine? Say goodbye to fax machine issues. Faxing has moved into the new millennium with digital VoIP upgrades and the same ease of use.

Old faxes used your telephone number and line. V1 VoIP fax uses your Internet connection to send data. The big difference is that V1 VoIP faxes are digital, while the traditional system, based on the PSTN (public switched telephone network), is an analog system. This means that a VoIP reseller sends your data using binary, while the PSTN sends data using electronic pulses.

Using V1 VoIP to send faxes is more cost effective to send data using binary because binary can be sent over a farther distance without needing to stop at an intermediary location, while analog data needs to hop between many intermediate locations. Each stop that analog data makes costs you extra money. And that’s how a V1 VoIP fax provider stays so consistently cheap: V1 VoIP fax has lower overhead.

How do I use V1 VoIP fax?

V1 VoIP fax systems are very easy to use. You scan your document into your computer and send. It’s that simple. From there, you can send them in whatever format you prefer (.pdf, .jpg, etc), using whichever program you like best. You can send them using your phone, email, or computer, and you can even sign them electronically.

How does V1 VoIP fax save you money?

V1 VoIP fax means that you no longer have to worry about maintenance and management of a cumbersome fax machine. You can also say goodbye to paper, ink, and repairs from your budget. V1 VoIP fax services is only a few dollars a month and for that you can use around 500 faxes. (You can always upgrade if you need more.) A new fax machine itself is a couple hundred dollars by itself. Then start factoring paper, ink cartridges and repairs if anything goes wrong.

So you see how quickly and easy it is to save money by using V1 VoIP fax. Update your office technology today with a V1 VoIP fax system today! Contact a member of the V1 VoIP fax team to go digital with your faxes!

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