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Cloud Disaster Recovery Tips and Advice from V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP gives tips and advice and how your business cna survive a natural disaster and urges resellers and their customers to have an emergency disaster recovery plan in place with the cloud

One of the most important reasons that V1 VoIP gives both customers and resellers for deploying a cloud based system is natural disaster preparedness. V1 VoIP urges resellers and their customers that disaster recovery is a feature no VoIP based business should be without. Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake, lightning strike, tornado, or flood, natural disasters occur and it’s important that your business know how to handle them when they do.

Cloud services allow for remote data storage and access when physical files cannot be accessed or they are damaged or permanently destroyed. Because all business-related data is stored virtually so that when a disaster occurs such as a fire or a flood, the data is not lost. This is made possible by the rerouting of calls to other terminals like cellular phones and voice mails. In other cases where remote offices are not reachable because of power failure or natural disaster, the calls can be transferred to other persons or branch offices that are reachable. This type of solution builds in redundancy and recognizes that getting back to normal often isn’t just about getting data back, but also keeping operations going remotely while repairing or replacing local hardware.

The key for natural disaster preparedness is knowing how to keep the business running (continuity) and how to restore everything to normal (recovery). Here are some of the questions V1 VoIP encourages it’s resellers to ask their business customers:

1. What types of disasters are likely to happen in your geographic area? Are you in California dealing with earthquakes or in Florida where they have hurricanes. The type of disaster you might deal with will determine many different things.

2. What data, hardware and software are essential for operations? Essential meaning what will keep you up and running.

3. What security and corporate compliance regulations affect your business? What is the chain of command for vital business decisions?

4. Which employees, partners and customers must have access? Add to that, what specifically do those people need access to? What resources will staff need to keep working from alternate locations?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in effect? Talk to V1 VoIP today about your natural disaster preparations and never experience a disruption during an emergency.

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