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Become a VoIP Reseller with V1 Origination Solutions

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If you are looking to become a VoIP reseller and enter the exciting and lucrative VoIP market, V1 VoIP provides complete end-to-end VoIP solutions. Our hosted residential and business solutions allow service providers to reliably and cost effectively deliver VoIP solutions. Here is what V1 VoIP offers for newbie VoIP resellers:

Origination & Termination Carrier Services

* Origination throughout the U.S.
* Termination throughout the U.S. and Canada from traffic originating worldwide
* DIDs provided in thousands of markets throughout the USA

Become your own virtual phone company selling VoIP local and long-distance to customers located throughout the United States and the world

* Unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada.
* Full turnkey and white label solutions for VoIP services.
* Web based access to subscriber management and billing system via browser.
* Fully automated subscriber signup and monthly billing.
* Secure signup pages allow your subscribers to signup online and in real-time.
* Ability to customize invoices, billing emails, due dates, billing cycles, local and state tax tables and more.
* Ability to analyze call detail records, including call origination, destination, and duration.
* Branded OSS where subscribers manage many of their own features via browser.
* Features you would expect to pay more for with traditional telephone companies are included with each subscriber account. See list below.
* Branded 24/7 toll-free technical support (Included).
* Full compliancy with all E911 statutes.
* Toll-Free DIDs at competitive rates
* We aggregate only tier one carriers to ensure best quality of service

Become a V1 VoIP reseller today! We will provide you with all the tools and features to make your new reseller business a success!

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