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Wholesale Dialer V1 VoIP Termination For Call Centers

wholesale dialer v1 voip traffic pricing for termination ideal for call centers

V1 VoIP knows that operating in the dialer/contact/call center industry can be challenging because of the unique requirements associated with call campaigns and predictive dialers. Many termination providers will altogether turn down call center traffic because they impose limitations concerning average call duration (ACD), average seizure rate (ASR) and calls per minute (CPM). They find that they can’t make money and turn away customers as a result.

V1 VoIP loves call center dialer termination traffic!

Our dialer termination network is optimized for high volume dialer traffic, popularly used by call and contact centers, making passing your wholesale dialer VoIP termination easy.

It can be difficult to find a reliable VoIP termination provider that maintains a separate termination network just for dialer clients. V1 VoIP offers high quality wholesale dialer termination at very competitive pricing. We take great pride in our ability to deliver consistent results at low prices for this unique termination environment.

V1 VoIP currently supports high-volume call center traffic to the USA, Canada, and as well as dozens of international countries. If you are in need of wholesale dailer VoIP termination traffic, please contact V1 VoIP for a full list of our current dialer termination rates for dialer traffic. We are happy to assist your needs and pass your calls.

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V1 VoIP Presents Feature-rich Services for Wholesalers

V1 VoIP presents feature rich VoIP wholesale services for those who would like to become volume voip providers

Whether you are an ISP, call shop owner or a VoIP reseller with existing client-relationships can become a V1 VoIP wholesale agent. As a V1 VoIP wholesaler, you will start reaping the benefits of selling feature-rich VoIP-enabled services in high volumes. V1 VoIP wholesale services for businesses are for those who would like to become mainstream VoIP providers without making huge investments in backbone operations, infrastructure, development and research.

At V1 VoIP, when our wholesalers succeed, we succeed. Our wholesale VoIP agents are given the benefits and features to ensure that their sales soar. Here are a few ways we help our resellers achieve success:

Customers Know Your Name
V1 VoIP resellers have the option for a true Private Label wholesale, enabling them to fully re-brand our services as their own. V1 VoIP wholesale agents even have an option of getting their own branded SIP Proxy for custom configuration of devices.

State of the Art Tools
Our online tools allow custom mark-ups in prices and complete online billing and reporting in multiple currencies. Online reporting, account management and self-help tools for online, and real-time operations make provisioning a snap.

Get Help When You Need It
Transparent access of 24x7x365 help desk to end-customers. Fantastic, volume-based discounts. No commitments. Almost instant activation of Reseller orders, 24x7x365 with live, human, online help. Entire spectrum of technical support with one agency.

Don’t wait any longer to leanr more about our feature-rich services for wholesale VoIP resellers. Contact a representative of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today to demo our VoIP platform and find out more about our competitive wholesale rates!

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