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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Responsive Communications

V1 VoIP resellers tell us of a surge in popularity for our hosted PBX for small and medium size businesses. The V1 VoIP hosted PBX offers our resellers’ customers advanced calling features, which are in turn given to their customers, providing them with more responsive communications.

V1 VoIP resellers understand the array of benefits a hosted PBX can offer businesses of this size. The V1 VoIP hosted PBX is a functional and responsive telecommunications solution for modern businesses, and without the huge price tag to accompany it. Needing only an existing phone system and an Internet connection, even the smallest business can fulfill their communications needs to be competitive in their select field.

Some of benefits of V1 VoIP hosted PBX for business include:

* No hardware to manage
* Unlimited local and long distance calls
* Unlimited software updates at no cost
* Remotely controlling moves, adds and changes at no cost

V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Security and Disaster Recovery
Security of data and communications is a concern that customers want their service providers to ensure. Data encryption, password security, virus protection, firewalls, use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for security of voice data, hardening of operating systems and real time monitoring are some of the ways by which hosting companies secure data and communications.

Service interruptions are minimized because back-up systems like re-routing of calls to other offices, voice mail boxes or cellular phones are put in place. Additionally, users don’t have to worry of rebuilding infrastructure after floods, fires, earthquakes or other disasters because this is the responsibility of the big service providers.

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