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Top V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Features

The last time you called a business, were you greeted by a recording with menu options? Could you dial a direct extension? Did you listen to music while on hold? Consumers are used to navigating automated phone menus to get to their desired destination. They are familiar with using a touch keypad, leaving voicemail messages, and waiting on hold. Giving callers anything less might cause them to second-guess your business.

The fact that these experiences are expected by consumers is a sign that your organization should adopt a cloud phone system. Hosted PBX features can save a business time and money. There are dozens of hosted V1 VoIP features that businesses rely on daily. Here are some of the most popular ones our V1 VoIP resellers say their business customers love!

E911 (911 Emergency Dialing)
The last thing a company should worry about is that the work phone is not capable of getting help during an emergency.

Voicemail Box
Hosted phone systems have made it easier to manage voicemail messages. Web portals for users to access their voicemail box online and listen to recordings, view information about the call, and delete old messages.

Music on Hold Channel
Waiting on hold is not exactly the best experience, giving callers to something other than white noise to listen to is an opportunity to boost their mood, promote ongoing offers, or simply provide a distraction. Many V1 VoIP resellers report their business customers customize the audio to a specific playlist or recording that matches their brand.

Conference Bridge
A conference bridge allows multiple people to participate in a group call with up to 10-15 parties able to join simultaneously. With free internal calling, minutes on these calls don’t cost your company any money, and allow for increased collaboration and communication among teams.

Attendant Menu
An attendant menu, or phone menu, helps play the role of receptionist and offers the ability to play key pieces of information to callers. It also frees up your phone lines and lets the caller transfer themself to the appropriate destination on their own.

Enhanced Queue
Queues are a way of routing incoming calls so that they are distributed among a team of agents based on availability. Rather than ringing all phones simultaneously or moving down a list, each call is paired with the next available person.

Ring Group
A group allows multiple users to answer calls to a single line or extension. Ring group strategies include simultaneous ring, where the call rings everyone in the group until someone picks up, and hunt group, where the call rings each phone for a set amount of time in an preset order until someone picks up.

V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX features save a business time and money and also portray a sense of professionalism and keeping up with the times. Contact us now for more information.

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