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Got a Startup? Why You Need Cloud Phone Service

You are ready to forge your path into the entrepreneurial world with your start up. Your idea is innovative. Shouldn’t your phone service for your new business be as well?

Even if your business is years away from phones ringing off the hooks, you should still consider professional V1 VoIP phone services. Implementing cloud hosted phone services now can save your company valuable time and money in the long run. V1 VoIP cloud hosted services can scale as easily as your business grows. So think big for your startup and consider the following while you are working towards big things:

Office Location
Startups don’t always start with money pouring into rent for an office. Businesses are becoming more geographically dispersed with more remote workers than ever. V1 VoIP cloud hosted services is perfect for this situation. Working from home or a café? Today’s cloud phone system providers can treat mobile phones and laptops like wall connected desk phones. A cloud hosted services are able to make phones across multiple locations act as if they are within the same office. Calls can be made or transferred from place to place with no additional equipment beyond the phones themselves.

You might envision the beginning with one person making outbound sales calls, but what happens when they start getting inbound calls back? What happens when you grow and that one person now needs to manage a team? The last thing you want is for the line to be busy and lose valuable opportunities and revenue as a result. As your Sales team grows, features such as Ring Groups or ACD Queues become a must. Let V1 VoIP cloud hosted service do the work of connecting prospective customers with your first available sales rep.

You dream of having customers to generate income, but what happens when you have them and they start calling all the time? V1 VoIP allows you to designate a failover in the event a call goes unanswered. Someone calling your desk phone while you’re out and about? Have it fail over to your cell phone, an available co-worker or your voicemail box. Creating set business hours allows you to handle calls appropriately according to the day and time. Have a co-worker in a different time zone? Forward your calls his way when you’re off the clock.

Startups can grow faster than anticipated and it may not be obvious when you first need a phone system. These examples are just a handful of real-world scenarios that that can be handled easily by V1 VoIP cloud hosted phone services. Contact us or sign up now for a someone in your area to implement V1 VoIP phone services for your business.

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Resellers Switch Business Customers to Hosted V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP resellers know that each and every business has different telecommunications priorities to consider. Some use the phone every day all day long while others simply need a phone number and to make sure it rings. But there are generally a few pieces of advice when it comes to convincing your prospective business customers to switch to V1 VoIP hosted services and solutions.

Saving Money
A lower business phone bill is a virtue that will appeal to business people in all roles. But resellers do more than simply say that VoIP service are cheaper. Our resellers will go the extra mile to show a customer their current bill and calculate figures that definitively show how hosted VoIP will save your company money. By generating a report that calculates how much your business will save per month and per year. Then contrast the cost of individual features compared to your current phone system.

Old Phone Issues
If a customer is in the market for a new phone system, chances are there’s something that annoys them about thier current PBX. Perhaps the current system is dropping calls or maybe it’s a pain to route a new line every time your expanding business adds a new employee. Whatever the major pain points are, make sure they’re addressed by the hosted VoIP solution you intend on pitching to your teammates.

Plenty of Features
Of course your proposed hosted VoIP system should be able to handle everything your old system took care of. But with so many astute features on the market, you shouldn’t just be pitching the same old same old. Take a new feature from your proposed hosted VoIP system and show how it can help your company do business. Whether it’s instant video calls or CRM integration, make your teammates see how your new system is ahead of the curve. Need ideas? Here’s a list of the latest integrated telephone system features.

V1 VoIP Hosted Benefits
It never hurts for resellers to compile all of the reasons a business should want V1 VoIP hosted services onto a single paged report. This condenses all of the diverse information into an easy to read summary that lays out what exactly the new system can do for the business. This will relay the confidence our resellers have that a V1 VoIP hosted system is right for your customers.

Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about reselling our hosted VoIP services and solutions.

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Reasons to Choose V1 VoIP Hosted Services

top ten reasons to choose V1 VoIP hosted services for your business

Whether you are reselling to smaller companies looking for enterprise-grade communications or larger companies seeking flexibility, V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP services offer an unbeatable value. V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP services easily make enterprise-grade, flexible communications available for a monthly subscription fee.

Here are ten features of V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP services:

V1 VoIP customized hosted VoIP features:

If you don’t need all the features we offer, we won’t make you pay for them. A la carte pricing enables you to pay only for the features you use. Build a customized feature package that suits your business’ requirements and add or remove features as needed.

V1 VoIP hosted advanced features:

V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP services offer on-demand access to advanced features. With the costs shared among the community of subscribers, even the smallest businesses can enjoy enterprise-grade features such as unified communications and contact center functionality.

V1 VoIP hosted VoIP flexibility:

If your business is a mobile one, then V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP services are for you! A centralized premises system puts unnecessary demands on the company’s network. A hosted service is easy to deploy to multiple changing locations, and offers service benefits for end users.

V1 VoIP hosted VoIP Scalability:

Businesses are always in flux. Whether your business is managing rapid growth, seasonal shifts, or other dynamic changes, these changes are best served with a hosted service. Hosted plans allow clients to adjust their capacity and number of seats to reflect their current needs. Depending on the plan, you may even be able to adjust your scale monthly.

Low upfront costs:

There’s no need for your business to purchase costly equipment such as an IP private branch exchange (PBX) or to upgrade the data network to support VoIP communications.

V1 VoIP hosted VoIP Maintenance benefits:

Maintenance is the hosted provider’s responsibility. You can count on the service provider to maintain and upgrade the network infrastructure as needed. In addition, the hosted VoIP company takes care of moves, adds, and changes. Your company reaps the benefits of hassle-free communications and lower IT costs.

V1 VoIP hosted VoIP Productivity:

Access to advanced functionality, easy maintenance from remote locations, and a user-friendly system add up to advantages in worker productivity. Low maintenance demands also free up internal IT staff to focus on more high-value pursuits.

V1 VoIP hosted VoIP State-of-the-art network infrastructure:

Hosted services upgrade their network regularly, affording clients access to next-generation network technology.

V1 VoIP hosted VoIP is easy to use:

Hosted VoIP is easy on the user and at V1 VoIP we do our best to make it so. Training requirements are minimal and users can adjust their preferences directly using a Web dashboard.

No integration issues:

Premises systems often rely on integration between legacy and new VoIP equipment, which can produce session initiation protocol (SIP)-compatibility issues and service disruptions. Hosted VoIP services maintain a seamless infrastructure offsite, avoiding the complications of patchwork technology.

Become a V1 VoIP hosted VoIP customer right now to take advantage of our hosted VoIP services today!

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V1 VoIP Explains What Hosted VoIP Services Are

V1 VoIP explains what hosted VoIP services mean what they can do for your business company reseller

‘Hosted VoIP’ is one of the hottest buzz words in today’s telephony world. But what exactly does hosted VoIP mean and what does it do? Allow V1 VoIP to explain what hosted VoIP services are and what they can do for your business.

Simply put, hosted VoIP means VoIP services for businesses which are provided by an outside company like V1 VoIP. Hosted VoIP phone services for businesses usually include both the ability to make and receive calls over the internet and the ancillary telephony services that are needed for business use, such as voicemail, call routing, virtual attendant, etc. Administration for hosted VoIP business phone system is usually provided through web browsers.

Hosted VoIP can also apply to any type of VoIP phone services, from residential to business-class. In business environments, hosted VoIP services can be provided by a third party like V1 VoIP resellers, or “hosted” on servers inside the company using it, called on-premises hosted VoIP. Resellers and vendors exist for each type of business-oriented hosted VoIP phone service.

At V1 VoIP, we have spent years developing hosted VoIP solutions for our resellers and VoIP companies. If you are interested in learning more about our hosted VoIP services and what they can do for your business or how they can increase your VoIP reseller offerings, contact a member of the V1 VoIP hosted services team today.

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