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V1 VoIP Guide to Components of SIP Trunking

By reselling V1 VoIP services, we can give you everything you need to be a provider of SIP Trunks. Do you even know what goes into a SIP Trunk? Here is the V1 VoIP guide to SIP Trunk components.

Call origination refers to the collecting of the calls initiated by a calling party on a telephone exchange of the PSTN, and handing off the calls to a VoIP endpoint or to another exchange or telephone company for completion to a called party. Originating carriers provide the DID’s and toll free numbers for SIP trunking.

Call Termination
Call termination, or voice termination, is the service of a telecommunication carrier who completes the telephone calls originated by the calling party to the intended destination.

Termination & Origination Carriers
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Wholesale VoIP
SIP trunk providers purchase through the wholesale channel. They typically contract with many carriers and choose providers based upon coverage, pricing and quality. They then monitor the performance, statistics and costs for each carrier and modify their call routing to provide the highest quality calls. Most wholesalers offer tiered pricing that the SIP trunk provider can choose from. The best wholesalers provide custom-built “rate decks” that allow the SIP trunk provider to design their own network of carriers and automatically route calls based upon pre-set criteria.

Lastly, the SIP trunk provider can actively manage their carriers so that if a specific carrier has quality issues, that carrier can be removed from the call routing table, either temporarily or permanently.

Now that you know all that goes into being a SIP trunking provider, you are now an educated buyer.

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