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V1 VoIP’s Signs Your Phone System Can’t Keep Up

In the cutthroat world of business, it is hard enough to win an account. But it can be even more difficult if your office phone system can’t keep up with your business needs.

So how do you know if your phone system can’t keep up anymore? Here are V1 VoIP’s five biggest signs that your office phone system might be keeping you from scoring the new business you want:

Poor Call Quality
Can you hear me now?
Jumbled audio, frequent static, voice delays, or calls that drop unexpectedly are things you don’t want an existing or potential customer to experience. You will undoubtedly lose business if you fail to connect with customers in a small window of sales opportunity.

Endless Call Routing
Can your customers actually reach you? Call routing problems can lead customers on an endless maze of menus, making them listen to long menus, enter different digit combinations, and even still put them on hold for long periods of time. Wouldn’t you hang up? So would they. Then they call a competitor. A simple rule to route callers based on business hours can save after-hours callers time by immediately offering them the option to leave a voicemail message.

Difficult to Scale
Can you grow as your business grows? Don’t be held hostage to a size because of your phone system A hosted phone system can scale easily, adding new users and new locations with a few keystrokes and take minutes or hours. Cloud phone systems can make real-time changes to your deployment, so new employees can get up and running right away. Landline outdated phone systems require installation of a physical wire in the wall to activate each of your phones. In-house PBXes might force you to hire IT technicians to come in and add new users manually.

No Geographic Flexibility
Your phone system should be equipped to handle remote working. A phone system with geographic flexibility gives your employees the ability to work on location, from home, during sick days, or for any other reason that might take them away from the office. In an emergency that affects your office, remote flexibility allows your business to continue operations as normal.

Call Functionality on a Limited Basis
For customers, call functionality is expressed by user experience. Can callers re-hear auto attendant options? When a customer is sent to a queue, is the customer met with music on hold or a company message, or do they get bored listening to silence?

When your business phone system is working fun but simply outdated, your competition gets a slight edge over you because of more modern and efficient features. In short, if your phone system can’t keep up, then your business can’t keep up, and that’s when you might want to consider other options. Call V1 VoIP now to get your phone system up to date with the latest technology. Don’t let your phone get in the way of success.

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