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Why IT Professionals Choose V1 VoIP Services

IT professionals spend all day long around the latest technology and keeping companies running with it. They know the best services and solutions when they see them and that’s why they choose V1 VoIP. The vast majority of IT professionals have switched their clients over to VoIP from landline communications, finding operational efficiency and unified communications.

IT professionals seek V1 VoIP services and solutions that will maximize the current setup of the company. They look first to the existing infrastructure to see what will work best. Nine times out of ten, what they are looking for is flexibility. This is where V1 VoIP comes in with cloud hosted PBX services and solutions which fit perfectly into any business’ unified communications goals.

End users at businesses can connect to and interact with V1 VoIP systems in numerous ways—headsets, smartphones, mobiles handsets and more. But despite a variety of software applications, most IT professionals see their clients end up preferring hard phones for connecting to VoIP on their PCs, tablets and smartphones. And while the vast majority want hard phones for the office, their customers specifically want software for their mobile phones. This makes perfect sense since IT professionals spend less time in the office these days: many jobs can be performed remotely or after work hours, so phone flexibility is important.

V1 VoIP’s ability to satisfy the demands of both rooted and mobile workers of IT professoinals. Those seeking flexibility, scalability and unified communications for their customers, contact V1 VoIP today to learn about what we can do for your clients and their technology solutions.

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