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Make Money Reselling V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX

five easy ways to make money reselling v1 voip hosted PBX to your customers

The main reason that VoIP businesses do not enter the hosted PBX provider world can be summed up in one word: money. There is a huge up front investment of money to deploy this state of the art technology. It’s having the cash on hand to get going that keeps people from doing it.

But as a V1 VoIP reseller instead of spending money, you are making money!

As a V1 VoIP reseller, you can start reselling cloud hosted PBX right now and see a return on your investment almost immediately when your sales numbers grow. Without incurring a huge upfront investment to deploy this technology, V1 VoIP resellers have immediate access to cloud hosted PBX for their clients.

Here are five ways you can make money by reselling V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX:

1. Once you gain a customer with cloud hosted PBX services, that customer will want to establish a long-term relationship with a customer and sell complementary services.

2. V1 VoIP offers a complete unified communications solution, offering comprehensive channel programs that make it easy for you to easily integrate a bit of uniqueness into your hosted PBX offering.

3. Don’t forget to upsell! V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX resellers have upgrades and options a way to generate additional revenues. Some of those opportunities include up-and-coming technologies like remote control services, meeting hosting, video conferencing, virtual office services and archiving.

4. V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX reseller program allows resellers to purchase its services with no start-up costs, at a discount off direct retail prices, create custom packages and set their own prices for customers, including “per-seat’ fees if they so chose. This, along with the ability to customize packages for each client, enables the resellers to more effectively set and control their own profit margins as well as to serve customers with immediate needs and limited investment capital.

5. At V1 VoIP, we recognize the importance for resellers to provide as seamless a package as possible to their customers. The V1 VoIP white label program gives hosted PBX resellers the opportunity to further develop and maintain their brands by offering a management portal and user interface that appears as if they built and designed it themselves.

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