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How to Sell V1 VoIP Services to Millenials

As a V1 VoIP reseller, the way you make money is to sell to potential clients the services and solutions you now offer. But how to get millenials on the phone? Rather than respond to cold calls, many millennials like to do their own research and then reach out on their own terms.

The supremacy of the phone call has lessened in recent years. According to the mobile research agency RealityMine, phone calls are now used less than both text messaging and email in adults aged 18 – 64. Try approaching millenials on the various platforms they use and then complement your this with your phone skills with other engagement tactics. Whether that’s social media, SMS, email, live chat, or LinkedIn, millenials do business differently than the older client on an outdated phone system. To better target millenials, think outside the phone!

For V1 VoIP resellers, researching and deciding whether email or even social media is better for first contact instead of a phone call. Try to find out what platform your prospect feels the most comfortable communicating on, and then reach out that way. You can always turn a chat conversation to a phone call later. Comment on a LinkedIn post, or respond to a question posted on a public forum. These activities can all lead to a phone call, and a phone call can lead to a deal. There’s no reason to compartmentalize these varying communications platforms. All of them are at your disposal to contact millenial customers, and the savvy salesperson will know how to use each to his or her advantage.

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