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Difference Between Virtual Private Cloud and Public Cloud

The cloud is everywhere these days. From movie plots to news blurbs, everyone is talking about what the cloud is. But do you know what it is and how it can be used for businesses? When it comes to VoIP services and solutions, they come in two different types: virtual private and public. Here V1 VoIP explains the differences between the two.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual private cloud refers to a private network that’s held in a public cloud. This way, a business is able to utilize the many benefits that a public cloud can offer, while still being able to keep certain information in a private part of the cloud that only can be accessed by them alone. With a virtual private cloud, only certain individuals are have access, so wit limited users comes the ability to improve the cloud’s conformance greatly increases, which really helps when it comes to calculating bandwidth.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is the same except for the big difference that it is open to everyone. While it does allows benefits like cheaper IT costs and offers scalability, the accessibility is where businesses shy away from it. It is this accessibility why a virtual private cloud is becoming the more popular choice.

Here are some of the top reasons V1 VoIP resellers are giving a business to use a virtual private cloud as part of their business communication system.

Increased Performance
Because the resources a company needs is available to them whenever they need it, they can easily expect to have an increase in their performance.

Cloud administrators make it so that any traffic coming into or out of your cloud infrastructure is completely protected.

When using a virtual private cloud, a company can easily scale up or scale down in order to meet their specific needs at any particular time.

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