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One Tier Pricing for Entire United States

How many tiers is too many when it comes to billing your VoIP customers? Three? Five? Twenty seven? At V1 VoIP we want to give our providers ease of use when it comes to creating a bill for their customers. As a carrier of VoIP services, we offer our resellers one tier of pricing.

Yes, you heard us right, ONE TIER of pricing. For the ENTIRE United States.

Your bill does not need to be complicated. Your bill shouldn’t be five pages long and so convoluted that neither you nor your customers understand what they are looking at. That is why at V1 VoIP, we made it easy for you. And for your customers. If you make a call, it’s billed at one rate. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a big city like New York or Los Angeles and it doesn’t matter if you are calling a farm in Iowa. It’s one price.

In fact, our one tier pricing is where we get our name from. The ‘1’ in V1 refers to our one tier pricing.

Why should you have a difficult bill or wonder what tier your customer calls are going to be billed at? Stop worrying and wondering! Contact V1 VoIP today and learn more about one tier pricing structure for your carrier service needs.

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