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V1 VoIP’s PBX 101 Guide

Business phone communication services are vital in establishing a direct communication with clients, but many phone services are expensive to install, maintain and utilize. This is where V1 VoIP PBX services for businesses comes in. PBX phone services utilize the Internet in order to make and receive phone calls. This way, no actual phone line are necessary, reducing the need to pay for and maintain a traditional phone service. When it comes to a PBX phones, there are four basic options, such as the traditional PBX, a hosted/virtual PBX, IP PBX and a hosted/virtual IP PBX. Knowing the difference between these systems and what it is able to offer a business and how the company benefits from the system. But let’s start at the beginning

What is a PBX
PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a private telephone network inside a business which enables employees to directly call one another, without needing to integrate a traditional phone service line. PBX phone systems share an external number, allowing for outside phone calls, in order to connect with clients and potential customers.

Hosted/Virtual PBX
A hosted PBX system utilizes VoIP to completely avoid using a traditional phone line and instead use an Internet connection to make and receive phone calls. Hosted PBX allows for further savings, regardless of what the size of the company is. A strong Internet connection is vital for hosted PBX, but it cuts operating costs by no longer needing to spend on maintaining copper phone lines.

Premise IP PBX
An IP PBX runs off of a data network and allows the business to transmit both video and audio signals over the data network. The IP PBX service generally comes through provided software. The service is inexpensive and allows a business to integrate unlimited extensions, unlimited voicemail boxes and even utilize cell phone services.

Business is all about improving productivity and increasing the bottom line. Regardless of what is sold and what services are provided, locating different methods for improving sales and cutting costs internally is very important. V1 VoIP can help your customers save on money when you resell our PBX services and solutions. Contact us today to learn more or sign up now .

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V1 VoIP IP Hosted PBX for Businesses

V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted IP PBX is the next step in the evolution of PBX systems. By using V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX, a business can streamline its communication processes by removing all communication technology as well as all related hardware and software applications from their premises and having an external service provider concern themselves with the day to day running and maintenance of these communication systems.

PBX stands for private branch exchange systems, and are essentially private switching systems designed to deal with a number of different lines while avoiding the need to pay the telephone company for each separate line. Hosted PBX simply means that private exchange is now hosted off your business premises by a third party like V1 and IP hosted PBX simply refers to online hosting which uses VOIP or voice over internet protocol technologies.

When doing business in VoIP, the one thing everyone wants is streamlined efficiency. Efficiency applies to all aspects of the modern business profile and this includes communication systems such as the type and nature of the business private branch exchange. V1 VoIP’s services are perfecet for businesses wishing to achieve the maximum level of efficiency.

Online internet protocol communications systems are far more efficient than traditional private branch exchanges, are not prone to breakdown and have the most important benefit of being able to grow with your business.

For more information about the advantages and benefits of V1’s IP Hosted PBX by, contact a representative now.

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