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When to Port Your Current Business Phone Number

If you’re an established company with brand recognition, high visibility, substantial inbound calls, and a large customer base, porting your existing phone number is a necessity. Porting will keep disruptions to your daily operations at a minimum. For these businesses, V1 VoIP explains why porting a business number is essential.

Unedited Materials
If you port your existing number, you won’t have to change any marketing, website information, signage, or anything else that has that phone number printed on it. Replacing all these mentions of an old number takes money, manpower, and time.

Brand Consistency
Customers who are used to your current phone number might get confused by a new one. This is especially true if your current number is a distinctive number that you’ve used for years. If your store has used “555-FTL-DOGS” for the past eighteen years, that number has become a part of your identity. New phone numbers can accidentally make customers think you’re a different business, or somehow unaffiliated with your brand, even if you update your business caller ID name. By porting your current number over to your new phone system, you’re ensuring that your customers won’t mistake your business for a copycat or someone else.

Keep Competitive
Want to keep your competitor’s paws off your business, don’t let them obtain your phone number from you! If you decide to let your current phone number expire instead of porting it, the number will go back into a pool of phone numbers available to the public. From there, anybody can purchase the number, including your competitors. Customers who call the number and speak with your competitor will likely assume that you’ve either gone out of business or merged with another company. In any case, your competitor will have the ear of a lead that’s supposed to be yours.

It’s worthy to note that the wait time to port over your existing phone number can take up to several weeks. If your port gets delayed or held up, you’ll end up getting charged by your previous provider for service until the port has completed. However, many providers offer temporary phone numbers and call forwarding from your old number while the port is ongoing to help with the transition.

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