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V1 VoIP Helps You Start a Prepaid Calling Card Business

If you want to get into the VoIP insutry today, one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door is with prepaid calling cards. As a V1 VoIP reseller, it is so simple to start this type of business by offering prepaid pinless VoIP calling cards.

Did you not think of the VoIP calling card market as a business? Here are a few reason why V1 VoIP recommends prepaid pinless VoIP calling cards as a great way to enter the VoIP reseller marketplace.

1. V1 VoIP prepaid calling cards don’t have a lot of cost.
If you were interested in venturing into the phone cards market you’d need a considerable level of investment let alone the back-end support and technical hardware and software needed to generate and market calling playing cards. An easier and more convenient option is usually to obtain the services of V1 VoIP as your calling card VoIP provider.

2. An easy platform at your service.
The V1 VoIP prepaid calling card platform has everything you need to start, run and grow your business. We will provide you with a one stop platform which really helps to easily step into this industry. From generating PINS to on the net billing, a premium provider would ensure you with an end to finish calling card solution.

3. Choose how customers pay.
Long distance calling cards are available for sale in varying and affordable denominations so they fit completely in every traveler’s pay pocket. Prepaid cards are pre-charged with how much the card. At the time of making a call you have got to dial a toll free number which is mentioned on the card themselves. You will hear an IVR which will request you to dial the destination number combined with area or country code and will also be easily connected to the number you wish to call. So simple!

Get your prepaid calling card business off the ground today, or simply add them to your VoIP service offerings with V1 VoIP. Contact the V1 VoIP team to find out more.

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