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V1 VoIP Resellers or Private Label Entry

Welcome to the world of reselling VoIP! Now that you’ve made the initial step of deciding to resell VoIP services and solutions, allow V1 VoIP to explain your next decision: to be a reseller or a private label reseller. V1 VoIP is a provider with several different options for new resellers in the market place that will allow you to hit the ground running.

What is a V1 VoIP Reseller

Think of a reseller like a sales agent. You work for your yourself, create your own hours, work as much as you want. You pick and choose what services and solutions you would like to offer customers because you have also chosen who your target audience is. Did you chose residential services? Fabulous! Offer your potential customers termination and origination services, tell them yes, they can keep their phone number, along with services like voicemail to text. They will love it. Did you decide to focus on businesses? Fantastic! Select from cloud hosted PBX services and SIP trunking solutions for features like conference bridging, virtual assistants, and virtual toll free phone numbers.

Resellers also set their own profit margins, so they amount that you can make is never limited. If a service costs $10 and you want to sell it for $15 do so. Think you can get $20 for it, go for it!

Regardless of who you decide to sell to, by becoming a V1 VoIP reseller, we make it so all you have to do is focus on sales. We handle all the technology stuff, so you can focus on what you do, selling. Armed with a little bit of knowledge about who your customers are and what they want, you’ll be able to speak to them about what they are looking for and offer it from V1 VoIP.

What is a V1 VoIP Private Label Reseller

Private label resellers, also known as white label resellers, are the exact same as V1 VoIP resellers with one main difference: you work under your own brand heading. As a private label your customers see your company name, your own logo, they get a bill with your own insignia and they don’t know that you are private labeling our services. You can position yourself as a premium VoIP company (you are, after all, reselling the services of one!), with ease. You don’t ever have to advertise that you are private labeling our services and more importantly, you don’t have to invest in our infrastructure. In the case of V1 VoIP, unlike our competitors, every white label service, solution and product is built to the highest standards.

You are reading this because you have made the decision to enter the world of selling VoIP. Now make the decision to resell V1 VoIP! Contact us today to get started!

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