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Increase VoIP Reseller Volume with V1 Platform


V1 VoIP offers a full featured white label VoIP reseller program that scales with your business. With the V1 VoIP platform of reseller services and solutions available, you can offer IP-PBX phone systems, call centers, calling card services, SIP devices and more.

Our services are ideal for start-up or existing Wholesale VoIP Companies and VoIP Consultants looking for a Turn Key VoIP reseller platform. Our VoIP services are of the highest quality providing transparency between the VoIP and PSTN network.

V1’s white label resellers enjoy the most robust product and partner program in the industry. Advantages of partnering with V1 include:

Huge Commissions
Get industry-leading residual commissions for the life of your customer. Resellers can also earn significant upfront earnings as well.

Simple Process
At V1 we want to make it simple for our resellers. Our resellers get simple pricing, automatic quotes, pre-configured hardware, individual sales support, and easy setup.

High Reliability
V1’s Hosted VoIP platform is fully redundant across multiple data centers, highly scalable, and backed by strong SLAs (4+ nines).

Enterprise Quality
V1 VoIP’s features, U.S. technical support, and customer service are second to none.

Strong Reputation
If you’re going to partner up with a reselling platform, you want to partner with the best. V1 VoIP is a leader in the VoIP industry with a great reputation for providing quality services and offering the help our resellers need to boost their sales.

Get started increasing your VoIP sales today as a white label V1 VoIP reseller. Contact a member of the V1 team today and we will guide you into reinforcing your presence in the VoIP universe!

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V1 VoIP Private Label Resellers Billing Solutions

V1 VoIP offers resellers automated billing solutions for end user customers

At V1 VoIP our resellers are opting for private label options at an increasing rate. V1 VoIP’s private label ability lets you be your own phone company, giving you access to the steady revenue stream once only available to standard service providers. With the V1 VoIP private label option, resellers are given turnkey solutions that are built on a state-of-the-art-infrastructure, supported by an experienced partner, and scalable to the size and growth of your business.

V1 VoIP provides it’s resellers with full hosted PBX solutions which allow for Bring Your Own Device and are compatible with any SIP device. This is ideal for clients without premise SIP or legacy PBX system, or those who want to outsource their system. Premise SIP makes it possible to provide your dial tone solution to them in minutes. This is designed for new systems or existing systems that your customers or prospects have that accept native SIP.

V1 VoIP Reseller Billing Solutions
You’ve built your roster of customers and they’ve ordered the services they need. But what happens when it’s billing time? Many resellers underestimate the billing process. For first time resellers, the act of billing all your customers each month can seem quite daunting and lengthy in time. Calculating usage in local, long distance, toll free, as well as other features can add up, especially when you have multitudes of end users to bill. V1 VoIP offers our resellers software which is automated and takes care of the complicated billing process.

Our resellers rest easy knowing they do not need to worry about hiring someone to do their billing each month and can simply focus on selling and acquiring more resellers. V1 VoIP resellers can take advantage of the full range of our solutions so they can provide private label VoIP services that meets their clients’ needs or add new clients.

For those seeking excellent profits, minimal capital outlay and steady revenue in the telecom sector, V1 VoIP is how you can make your mark. Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about our automated billing solutions and the portfolio of services we can offer you.

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Private Label V1 VoIP Fax Services for Business

Remember when if you wanted to get documentation to someone fast, fax machines were the most go-to way to expedite the information. Today, of course the internet and e-mail has replaced the fax machine for quick transfers. But while faxing may have lost some of its popularity pizzazz, it is still required for documentation and signature receipts for many types of businesses.

V1 VoIP offers resellers private label fax services for their customers with a variety of ways to send and receive fax data, most popularly, fax to email. Fax to email is exactly like it sounds. Instead of having to stand by the fax machine to receive a transfer, customers can now have the fax come to them via email.

With fax to email, the need to have a physical fax machine becomes obsolete. No more bulky devices taking up office space and needing its own dedicated phone line. V1 offers private label resellers fax services and solutions with quick, easy connectivity using the reliable and secure fax over HTTPS protocol. V1 private label fax services allows resellers to offer a secure server that is encrypted for security and peace of mind for customers.

V1 VoIP encourages or greatest success a business must offer all modes of communication, including faxing options. Enhancing a businesses ability to communicate lies almost entirely in their ability to reach out to clients and customers. The addition of fax services to VoIP over HTTPS makes streamlining business communications easy.

Through VoIP services businesses enjoy perks that include free long distance calling, one simple, easy billing system, and a efficient and cohesive setup that allows for easy integration of additional business software and protocol.

The days of faxing have not gone the way of the dinosaur. Instead, V1 VoIP encourages resellers to offer business customers private label fax services. To add these solutions to your private label portfolio, contact a representative of the V1 team today.

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V1 VoIP Makes You a VoIP Provider Without Huge Money Investment

One of the biggest reasons people shy away from becoming a VoIP reseller is because of money. Not the money that will be made when you start selling, but the money associated with start up costs. From backbone operations, technical infrastructure, product development and research, the dollar signs add up.

But now you can become a white label reseller and and provide VoIP services and solutions with minimal money by becoming a V1 VoIP reseller.

V1 VoIP resellers become their own VoIP provider offering state of the art services and solutions by joining our white label reseller program. As a true Private/White Label option, resellers can fully re-brand our services as their own. This means that if I want to start a phone company called the Blue Phone company, you can do it in a matter of hours. You’ll have immediate access to V1 VoIP services and solutions to sell as the Blue Phone Company and your customers will only see your Blue Phone co name, logo and contact information.

V1 VoIP resellers have the option of getting their own branded SIP Proxy for custom configuration of devices. Our online tools and proprietary backend VoIP Portal allow custom mark-ups in prices and complete online billing and reporting in multiple currencies.

V1 VoIP resellers can take advantage of the following features:
* Transparent access of 24x7x365 helpdesk to end-customers (white-label program).
* Almost instant activation of Reseller orders, 24x7x365 with live, human, online help.
* Entire spectrum of technical support

Don’t let the fear of spending money to make money hold you back any longer. Don’t wait any longer to get started selling VoIP services and solutions under your own brand name. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to get started without the huge upfront money investment.

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