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V1 VoIP Explains Quality Of Service and Its Importance

V1 VoIP explains what Quality of Service QoS is and its important to VoIP reseller customers

What is QoS? QoS stands for Quality of Service and in VoIP world, it is the combination of practices and technologies that provide guarantees of acceptable call performance. More specifically, it is a number of settings on your router that will help prioritize data flows.

Imagine a congested highway: the more cars, the less room for flow. If someone is using the bandwidth to download files, this additional load will add up. This additional load takes too much bandwidth, thus the quality of VoIP calls deteriorates, leading to echoes and choppy voice quality. While you can’t increase the amount of bandwidth every time the problem occurs, you can assign priorities to the data flows, recognizing voice traffic as the most important. In essence, this is what QoS is used for.

The negligent use of your VoIP termination or SIP origination, can prevent your business from fully benefiting from these services. To change routers from the default setting of First In/ First Out, you can prioritize your packages. There are three easy ways to use prioritization:
· By TCP/IP Port (Where you assign priorities to a port or a few ports; all traffic that goes through these ports will be marked as high-priority.)
· By device (You type in addresses of the devices used for calls and mark them as high priority)
· By Ethernet Port (Where the traffic going through the Ethernet port of your router will be recognized as the most important)

Although there are equipment which provides for complex QoS settings, it is often better to stick to the basics and use only a few prioritization rules. Conversely, a small router might be unable to serve a more complex telephony system. This is why V1 VoIP recommends that a reseller evaluates the needs of their business customer before purchasing equipment and applying QoS.

Do you have questions about your VoIP customer QoS? Have they contacted you with concerns about their call quality? Contact a representative of V1 VoIP today and we will help you address all your QoS concerns.

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Quality of Service for V1 VoIP Turnkey System Reseller

Quality of service for V1 VoIP resellers of turnkey VoIP systems

Any-sized business can now take advantage of utilizing turnkey V1 VoIP systems to upgrade from their current and most likely outdated communication system. Smaller businesses who simply couldn’t ocmpete with an enterprise business budget can now gain that competitive edge in new technology.

Small and medium-sized businesses are now actively seeking to add VoIP communication systems to their companies and that’s where V1 VoIP and our resellers come in. V1 VoIP strives to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. When we look at our resellers, we think of their success as our success. This is why the quality of a customer’s VoIP service is crucial.

The quality of the VoIP service is going to depend on the actual network, as well as how a business chooses to connect to the internet. As businesses are still learning about VoIP technology, it is up to V1 VoIP resellers to explain call quality so they can make the best decision for their businesses.

Because VoIP phone systems are a new technology that most businesses are still learning about, people are looking for a VoIP service provider who will assist them in making the right decisions every step of the way.

There are several ways VoIP quality testing can be performed. The most utilized is called a ping test, which is done from a command prompt on a computer. This easy measurement is able to let one know how much time it takes to get a reply once a message is sent out. This will help determine receipt of the fast access to the high-quality VoIP services that people expect. Once a business has an understanding of the call quality they can expect to receive, they can then have an idea of how well VoIP is going to work for their particular business.

Do you understand how call quality will effect each and every one of your reseller customers? If not, contact V1 VoIP today. We are happy to educate you in QoS so you can inform your customers.

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