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Why Small Businesses Should Invest in V1 VoIP

The time has come for small businesses to take advantage and use VoIP phone systems which include enterprise-level phone features than regular phone companies can even begin to offer. These calls utilize VoIP technology to route voice data through the Internet instead of through aging telephone wires. For small businesses where wasting money is unacceptable, switching to V1 VoIP services is a quick and easy way to reduce phone bills by as much as 80% immediately.

V1 Business VoIP calls are sent as digital data instead of the clunky analog format traditional phones use. Analog signals take up much more information, and require a constant electrical connection between two phones involved in a call. Using up the wires in between points A and B costs more as a function of distance, which is why international and long-distance calls are so expensive.

When a digital call is sent through the Internet, it is compressed into smaller electrical packets, that are efficiently sent along different routes through the Internet until they are reassembled at the other end of the line. This uses far fewer resources and equipment, and so VoIP providers have the incentive to offer their services at much lower prices. It also makes phone calls harder to hack or tap into, since they are encrypted.

V1 VoIP: Perfect for Offices with Extensions

Phone systems that manage multiple office extensions are large investments that small businesses have a hard time affording. A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) connects a business’ incoming and outgoing calls with an automated attendant that directs incoming calls to the appropriate extension. Now, a standard in-house PBX is prohibitively expensive for a small business, but that’s where a VoIP PBX, and more specifically a cloud PBX, comes into play.

V1 VoIP cloud PBX is hosted and maintained off-site by V1 VoIP for only a low monthly rate. The small business can take into their phone system from anywhere, which is great for telecommuters. For small businesses, this is a perfect way to get access to an affordable big-business style phone system.

V1 VoIP: Get More for Less

V1 VoIP provides small businesses with the tools and features normally expected from an expensive premium service at lower rates than even the cheapest traditional phone plans, starting as low as only $20 a month. These features make it easier to stay in contact with customers and business partners, and help manage phone systems for maximum efficiency.

An advantage of using V1 VoIP is that higher audio quality can be preserved without paying extra. A good Internet connection is all it takes to have crystal-clear voice quality, which customers and business partners alike will appreciate. Digital packets take up much less space than analog information does, which is what allows them to send more detailed information overall, in a smaller package.

V1 VoIP: Tons of Free Useful and Professional Features

While features like hold music and a voicemail system cost extra with traditional telephone vendors, almost all VoIP providers include these features absolutely free. Other features that usually come with business VoIP include:

* Call waiting
* Call hold
* Conference calling
* IP video conferencing
* Fax-to-email conversion
* Call forwarding

Paying less money for a better phone system is good for businesses of all sizes, but smaller businesses can especially benefit from such a deal. Having the same tools that enterprise businesses rely on to succeed gives them the capacity to compete on the same level, with the same customers. When they’re playing on the same field, things are a little more fair for small businesses. Saving money to make money is a plan that any sized business would love to take advantage of, so stop wasting time and make the switch to a business VoIP phone system today.

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