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V1 VoIP Cloud Based Resellers Target SMB Spending

Small and medium-sized business owners are spending more money on IT services, as cloud based VoIP services are able to provide these businesses with the VoIP technology and cloud communications information they’re looking for. As a result, V1 VoIP resellers are offering more cloud based VoIP services to business owners who are gobbling them up at fast rates.

Business owners are looking for VoIP resellers who can help guide them through the process of updating their current landline based communication system to one utilizing VoIP in a way that will increase their business efficiency. Not only are small and medium-sized businesses switching from outdated landline to VoIP services, but they are upping the amount they’re willing to spend on them. Now that the costs associated with integrating VoIP technology into their business’ communication system have dropped significantly, smaller businesses are actively seeking out VoIP and cloud communication services that can best help their particular type of business. For V1 VoIP resellers offering cloud based communication services, it means an increase in their sales.

V1 VoIP resellers show business owners how cloud based VoIP services allow employees to use various smart devices while they are not in the office and stay interconnected. Plus, cloud based software allows businesses to be managed in a more streamlined manner, providing flexibility and efficiency through a variety of features and benefits.

If you want to start reselling cloud based VoIP services that both small and medium-sized business owners are actively seeking, contact V1 VoIP today. At V1 VoIP, we determine our success by when our resellers succeed, which means you can rest assured that you are with a true partner in the VoIP business. There is a huge opportunity for resellers to capitalize on the VoIP and cloud communications market, and with V1 VoIP’s turnkey VoIP reselling program at your fingertips, we can have you off and running in a matter of days.

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Never Miss a Phone Call with V1 VoIP Cloud PBX

never miss a phone call with V1 VoIP cloud based hosted PBX for resellers

V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX software is hosted in our cloud which means resellers can access the web interface and make changes from anywhere. The V1 VoIP platform is robust so you can look forward to reliable and highly secure communications.

As a V1 VoIP cloud based hosted PBX reseller, you can perform the following on our cloud-based platform:

* Setup custom phone menus (eg press 1 for sales, press 2 for support)
* Setup call re-direction based on time and day
* Re-direct freephone and landline numbers to mobile phones or alternative landlines
* Setup voicemails based on time and day
* Re-direct unanswered calls to other numbers
* Control everything from your web browser

V1 VoIP’s state of the art VoIP Portal will provide you the ability to manage call flows so that your business never misses that important sales or support call again. You can buy and host as many numbers as you like.

V1 VoIP strives to give our resellers to the most up to date services and solutions offered to pass to their customers. Our latest cloud-based services allow resellers to manage their business from anywhere at anytime with the touch of a button.

Contact V1 VoIP today to leaern more about our cloud-based hosted PBX options for resellers.

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V1 VoIP Answers: How Big is the Cloud?

Many people thought that cloud storage was going to be either a passing fad or something that only a few could afford to utilize. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cloud storage is gaining in popularity among both small and medium-sized businesses each and every day, even though there are still some security issues that people need to be aware of when choosing to use the cloud and the many benefits it can offer.

So how big is the cloud? How much data can the cloud hold? Cloud storage is normally calculated in terabytes so it’s necessary to have an idea of how much cloud storage is needed in order to choose the right amount of provided virtual space. So depending on how much data a company needs to store will determine how much space needed to accommodate this storage.

When it comes to pricing, what’s really convenient about cloud storage programs is that there aren’t any upfront costs involved. Instead, usage is going to determine cost.

Cloud phone programs are becoming popular due to their extreme versatility. The small and mid-sized businesses are currently looking to integrate cloud services into their current business communication system because the costs of using cloud phone services have lowered so much that it’s now deemed to be affordable for those businesses that couldn’t previously afford these high-tech telephony services.

By white labeling V1 VoIP’s cloud based VoIP services, it’s a great way to start offering cloud phone services. More and more businesses are looking into adding cloud phone services to their company right now, making this the perfect time to find out how adding V1 VoIP cloud based VoIP phone services to any current reselling business can add lots of value.

If you are a VoIP reseller who’s interested in creating some of their very own white label cloud phone programs, now is the time to do so. The high-tech world is one that quickly evolves, making it essential to keep up with the latest in cloud phone programs. If you don’t, you just might find yourself a bit behind when it comes to using the latest technologies. Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more and get started.

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