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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Resellers for SMBs

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V1 VoIP hosted PBX resellers reveal their small and medium business customers are seeing the benefits of hosted PBX service. These state of the art services reduce operating costs and requires less maintenance time for company employees. In short, V1 VoIP hosted PBX allows businesses to save money while saving time. This means a company opting to use a V1 VoIP reseller for hosted PBX service will save money.

V1 VoIP hosted PBX resellers are in charge of their own phone service company. Reselling V1 VoIP services like hosted PBX is a turnkey solution for companies wanting to expand into the phone system marketplace without owning the hardware. Our hosted PBX resellers work via an online system to provide service to their customers.

In the past decade, the rise in SIP trucking services being utilized shows a trend developing. Analysts predict that seats for hosted VoIP will double between 2012 and 2016. Hosted PBX systems and other formats of VoIP are just getting started in the modern phone market. Hosted PBX resellers are giving them exactly what they want.

Any time businesses see an option that allows them to settle issues more effectively and at a quicker pace, while still cutting back on budgetary commitments, they are going to take notice. That is the service benefit a V1 VoIP hosted PBX reseller provides.

Are you interested in offering small to medium sized businesses our revolutionary hosted PBX services? Contact V1 VoIP today to learn how you can make money by saving other businesses money and giving them the telecommunication services they need!

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Complete Service and Solution Portfolio for V1 VoIP Resellers

The best way to make money as a VoIP reseller is to offer your clients the services and solutions they need. As a V1 VoIP reseller, you will never have to say to a customer, ‘sorry I don’t offer that’, because V1 VoIP provides our resellers with a complete and diversified portfolio of services, solutions and products.

This provides V1 VoIP resellers the option to resell one product or opt for the complete menu of items including PBX, SIP and VoIP packages, and all of them can even be white-labeled and fully branded.

V1 VoIP resellers have customers that are completely diverse both in their nature and in their needs. From law firms to medical practices to enterprise call centers and real estate professionals to small businesses with two employees, reseller customers cover every type of professional environment. Along with the differences in the type of customer, all of their needs are different as well. Some require termination service only while others are looking for toll free DIDs and still others require multiple solutions from cloud hosted PBX to SIP.

Because V1 VoIP resellers are armed with every solution and service that V1 offers, they never need to say no to a client. As a result, every communication need of their customers can be met as V1 VoIP and our resellers provide them with a one-stop shop place for all their needs.

V1 offers a start of the art feature set, but because it is hosted it is upgraded with new features as they arrive. This means your customers constantly get new features added to their phone systems and you constantly get new features to differentiate your offering in the market place.

Don’t wait to offer your customers a complete portfolio of solutions and services. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to find out how we can add to your portfolio of reseller offerings.

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Make Money Reselling V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX

five easy ways to make money reselling v1 voip hosted PBX to your customers

The main reason that VoIP businesses do not enter the hosted PBX provider world can be summed up in one word: money. There is a huge up front investment of money to deploy this state of the art technology. It’s having the cash on hand to get going that keeps people from doing it.

But as a V1 VoIP reseller instead of spending money, you are making money!

As a V1 VoIP reseller, you can start reselling cloud hosted PBX right now and see a return on your investment almost immediately when your sales numbers grow. Without incurring a huge upfront investment to deploy this technology, V1 VoIP resellers have immediate access to cloud hosted PBX for their clients.

Here are five ways you can make money by reselling V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX:

1. Once you gain a customer with cloud hosted PBX services, that customer will want to establish a long-term relationship with a customer and sell complementary services.

2. V1 VoIP offers a complete unified communications solution, offering comprehensive channel programs that make it easy for you to easily integrate a bit of uniqueness into your hosted PBX offering.

3. Don’t forget to upsell! V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX resellers have upgrades and options a way to generate additional revenues. Some of those opportunities include up-and-coming technologies like remote control services, meeting hosting, video conferencing, virtual office services and archiving.

4. V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX reseller program allows resellers to purchase its services with no start-up costs, at a discount off direct retail prices, create custom packages and set their own prices for customers, including “per-seat’ fees if they so chose. This, along with the ability to customize packages for each client, enables the resellers to more effectively set and control their own profit margins as well as to serve customers with immediate needs and limited investment capital.

5. At V1 VoIP, we recognize the importance for resellers to provide as seamless a package as possible to their customers. The V1 VoIP white label program gives hosted PBX resellers the opportunity to further develop and maintain their brands by offering a management portal and user interface that appears as if they built and designed it themselves.

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V1 VoIP Resellers Offer SMBs Hosted PBX Systems

The cost of integrating a PBX telephone system has lowered immensely, and V1 VoIP resellers report high demand from small and medium-sized businesses signing up for hosted PBX services. SMBs have been waiting for hosted PBX technology to become more affordable are now signing up in droves so they can benefit from using a V1 VoIP PBX telephone system. But before they sign up for these high tech telephony services, V1 VoIP resellers are ready to answer the many questions businesses have about the equipment, features, and services that hosted PBX systems require and provide.

V1 VoIP resellers have all the answers to customer PBX questions.

Potential customers often ask about how exactly a PBX telephone system works. The reason they don’t know is because they’ve been stuck using the same outdated landline system for years, sometimes decades. Sure many think that the phones ring and they receive and make calls, so why should they fix something that isn’t broken and that’s where the apprehension to making the upgrade comes from. But the way in which a business communicates with others can often define their bottom line. Employing a V1 VoIP hosted PBX system can increase a business’ effeciency, create a mobile workforce, and add to profits.

With a V1 VoIP PBX, a business is able to forward telephone calls to an employee’s mobile device. This creates a mobile workforce which allows for much more efficiency because a business-related phone call will never be missed.

If you would like to become a V1 VoIP reseller and have the ability to offer small and medium sized businesses hosted PBX telephone systems, contact V1 VoIP today. We can provide you with the knowledge and tools you will need to resell these amazing VoIP services.

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