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Switch Your Business to V1 VoIP Enhanced PBX

V1 VoIP has launched a new enhanced cloud based PBX for our resellers to offer businesses. From state-of-the-art features to incredible flexibility, here are a lit of reasons to make reselling our enhanced PBX to your clients easy.

1. Your clients will save money.
It all comes down to the bottom line with your customers and our enhanced PBX will save them money. Not only will it eliminate the cost of your voice circuits by getting rid of the dedicated PRI and analog lines, you can also get more value out of your data circuits by using it for both voice and data. V1 VoIP PBX providers offer unlimited domestic phone calls for a flat cost as well as International phone calls costing less. A Hosted PBX provides the sophisticated communications capabilities before only available to large enterprises. It signals to customers that your client is progressive and well-managed.

And your customers will see the savings on their monthly bill. V1 VoIP’s enhanced PBX solution has one bill for all services. All of your old phone bills for monthly service, vendor field visits, and maintenance contract renewals go away. Plus since there is no PBX equipment, there are no PBX electricity costs or IT costs for the upkeep and administration of a PBX.

2. Easy to control and manage PBX.
V1 VoIP offers a wider choice of SIP phones to work with our enhanced PBX services. Phones can easily be added or removed from service for easy flexibility. Our enhanced PBX is nearly infinitely scalable, growing one user at a time.

3. Features, features, features.
The easiest way to sell your clients on our enhanced PBX is all the features we offer them with it. Mobile users can make and receive phone calls through the system, so employees can be reached anywhere and anytime using only one telephone number. And speaking of a mobile workforce, our PBX support softphones that turn a computer, laptop or tablet into a business telephone.

The V1 VoIP enhanced PBX can be set up in a matter of days, compared to 30-60 days for a premise PBX. The combination of savings, flexibility, and increased features make V1 VoIP enhanced PBX an offering you must have. Not only can you keep your existing phone numbers when you move over to the new service, but your phone number(s) can be in any area code in the country with a Hosted PBX. Contact us now for more information.

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V1 VoIP Offers Turnkey White Label Hosted PBX

VoIP solutions are powerful tools that enhance unified communications in an organization. A great option for those who might feel cash strapped is becoming a reseller of the turnkey V1 VoIP White Label hosted PBX.

V1 VoIP hands you the ability to provide white label hosted PBX business on a silver platter. It is a hosted platform where resellers can start to do business at once and reap profits almost immediately.Building a network involves heavy investments in infrastructure and specialized manpower which means enormous initial expenses and continuing maintenance costs. Hosted PBX reselling allows reselling partners to reap a host of benefits.

V1 VoIP makes it easy for hosted PBX resellers to concentrate solely on reselling efforts. With less IT work to attend to, it can mobilize its workforce to focus on productivity and sales to boost ROI. Our resellers are given complete control over their services allowing them to maintain their brands. This means that they can use their logos, colors and other existing tools that identify their brand in a seamless way as if reselling is not their business.

Since there is no need for big capital investments and expensive maintenance costs, resellers stand to earn large profit margins of as high as more than 50 percent of their initial investment. Being profitable is a great way to impress customers but providing quality communications service gives value to your business. A tested hosted PBX solution is the fulfillment of that function that can help win the trust of end users.

Want to get into reselling hosted PBX? Contact V1 VoIP today!

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