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V1 VoIP Offers Private Label Hosted Reseller Program

V1 VoIP offers a private label hosted reseller program allowing you to form an Internet Telephone Service Provider business and quickly launch and efficiently manage a wide range of solutions for modern telecom services. At V1 VoIP, We have built a multi-million dollar, state of the art network, powered by Porta One’s in-demand backbone.

With the V1 VoIP private label reseller program, you can offer you clients both residential and business VoIP, IP telephone solutions, IP PBX and centrex solutions, calling card and prepaid services, IP multi-media services and other of the most current selections to increase your revenues.

Become a V1 Voip private label hosted reseller with our white label program

V1 VoIP has taken the time doing research on what resellers want and need. We have spent millions of dollars building our network with the technology that makes reselling easy and profitable. Now V1 VoIP is offering our technology, products and service offerings to private label hosted resellers. All points of presence in the country are sitting in category five secure collocations.

V1 VoIP makes it easy for you to run your private label hosted reseller business. Combining intuitive online applications, a world-class network and data center, aggressive discounts and comprehensive support for you allows resellers to focus on sales.

When you join V1 VoIP, you join the largest database of DIDs in North America, a leader in the hosted VoIP industry and get started now with no large up front investment. If you have been interested in becoming a VoIP provider or starting a VoIP company, V1 VoIP presents a feature-rich Reseller Service Program makes it possible without having to make huge investments in backbone operations, infrastructure, development and research.

When it comes to speed and efficiency, it’s all about the backbone.

V1 VoIP has built a state of the art network utilizing vmware, the latest updates of technology. We offer you the ability to be a either class four and five switch with advanced calling features, making it easy for you to outfit your business and offer your customers the features they’ll love, features to gain clients, features that keep you competitive in this fast growing industry.

V1 VoIP gives you the ability to sell SIP Termination, SIP Trunking, International DID numbers and other VoIP services to make your business successful. We provide you with cutting edge tools and features so you can sell the private label voip service under your own company name. Look around and you will see that V1 VoIP has one of the most complete and highest quality VoIP platforms available. Through our private label voip solution, we offer system integrators and other resellers high quality IP communications services along with useful tools to manage a variety of service offerings with ease.

Any business entity, whether Internet Service Providers (VoIP companies), Call Shop owners or Computer Networking Specialists, with existing client-relationships in the captive audience for VoIP services can join hands with V1 VoIP and start reaping the benefits of selling VoIP-enabled services.

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V1 VoIP Resellers Money Making Opportunities

v1 voip reseller opportunities

V1 VoIP resellers have the opportunity to pass reasonably priced products and services on to consumers while at the same time making a great profit and being a part of a communications revolution.

V1 VoIP technology gives our resellers the exciting opportunity to provide their customers with low priced telephone service. Subscribers to V1 VoIP services have a bevy of options from which resellers can choose. Once their customer has the necessary equipment for VOIP, he or she then can feel secure with V1 VoIP as a reliable, affordable, and dependable service provider. A V1 VoIP reseller has an opportunity to provide affordable phone service to customers beyond the startup costs, while at the same time getting in on a potential technology and business boom.

A V1 VoIP reseller does just that, he or she resells minutes to VOIP customers that have been purchased from a VOIP provider.

These resold minutes are marked up to allow the VOIP reseller a reasonable profit. The reseller becomes the liaison between the service provider and the customer, providing customer service and resolving issues. It is important to note that for anyone interested in becoming a VOIP reseller, there is often a considerable investment in the beginning. A new reseller will have to purchase software and equipment that will enable his or her to provide service to his or her customers. However, there are services available for the potential reseller that provide their own gateways and servers while giving him or her the opportunity to be their own business owner without the expensive startup costs. These firms provide software that make it possible for a VOIP reseller to establish and maintain a set customer base. Customers can access their accounts, contact the reseller with issues or questions, and view their bills. These firms also help to alleviate the big startup cost by offering not only their servers and gateways, but also billing systems that would normally cost a hefty sum to purchase. All of this is offered in a secured interface.

VOIP is primed to take the place of the traditional telephone system. There are tremendous moneymaking opportunities to be sought for someone that is good at marketing and selling a product. There are opportunities to provide service and support to customers while being self-employed. For a V1 VoIP reseller, the opportunities are tremendous. To become a V1 VoIP reseller contact us now!

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