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V1 VoIP SIP Reseller Program of Services

Gain access to a complete master VoIP portal to manage all services and begin reselling our services and solutions in moments as a V1 VoIP SIP reseller. With our powerful platform backed by our prorpietary VoIP portal, you can begin selling users prepaid and post-paid accounts, which are fully controlled and managed by you.

When it comes to our platform, we make it easy for you. All you need to do is maintain a pre-paid calling account balance with us and you will automatically get access to all its advanced features and launch your own prepaid SIP calling products to any market.

Features of the V1 VoIP SIP Reseller platform include:

* Fully hosted platform that requires no additional equipment or software in your premises.
* Use any DID/DDI PSTN access provider you like, in any country.
* Compatible with any SIP-compatible (RFC 3261) gateway or user device
* Real-time charging of pre-paid or post-paid accounts
* Complete control of all service parameters:
* Create your own rate table and surcharges
* Create unlimited PIN accounts (ANI accounts fully supported as well)
* Create unlimited User accounts
* Delegated administration allows you to assign specific tasks to your staff
* Online management tool for your customer service agents.
* Online reporting tools for trouble-shooting and problem diagnosis.
* Easily customizable
* Support for multiple languages and currencies.
* Customizable voice prompts allows you to create a uniquely branded service
* Support for open source SIP developers with the Solegy-sponsored OpenSBC.
* Accept online payments using Paypal or credit cards using our secure server.
* Optional End-User Interface can be created by you using Solegy’s published SOAP-XML Web services
* Features of the End User Portal:
* Automated End-User Sign-Up with Sophisticated Fraud Prevention
* End Users can view call and account history in real time
* End Users can register one or more phones for PINless calling
* End Users can recharge through the web UI using credit card, Paypal or vouchers (you collect the * funds in your own Paypal or credit card merchant account)

For answers to your questions about the power of the V1 VoIP SIP reseller platform, contact one of our representatives. We will gladly offer our assistance.

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What You Need to Start Reselling SIP Termination

SIP termination allows small and medium sized businesses to take complete advantage in terms of expanding their communications with other businesses and clients. V1 VoIP offers you the ability to resell our SIP termination services and solutions to your clients. Here we discuss everything you need to start reselling SIP termination.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP termination is a service that allows you to use VoIP technology in order to make outgoing voice calls to external phone networks around the world. SIP trunking is the use of VoIP to facilitate the connection of a private branch exchange (PBX) to the Internet. In effect, the Internet replaces the conventional telephone trunk. This allows an enterprise to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone subscribers worldwide.

In order to take advantage of SIP trunking, a business must have a PBX that connects to all internal end users, an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) and a gateway that serves as the interface between the PBX and the ITSP. One of the most significant advantages of SIP trunking is its ability to combine data, voice and video in a single line, eliminating the need for separate physical media for each mode. The result is reduced overall cost and enhanced reliability for multimedia services.

When talking about its service to communicate on a broader level, SIP termination provides features such as:

* Video conferencing
* Voice calls
* Streaming media
* Instant messaging
* Playing online games

V1 VoIP offers carrier grade wholesale VoIP services including premier level SIP termination. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team to find out more about our SIP product offerings and our extremely competitive pricing.

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How To Locate Your SIP Address for VoIP Resellers

V1 VoIP explains for SIP Trunk Resellers how to locate your SIP address, what it is, what it does and how to get a SIP addressSIP Trunks are one of the hottest offerings of V1 VoIP resellers. But many customers don’t understand what they are, nor what they are used for. Here V1 VoIP gives you a guide to SIP and why having a SIP address is so important.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is an Internet Protocol used to initiate or terminate live communication sessions including anything from instant messages to phone and video calls to interactive multimedia conferences. A SIP address is similar to an email address as it serves as a locator of the user. SIP addresses also look like an email addresses. Like email addresses, they are comprised of two parts: a username, and a domain. For example, if your name was Mike, you might have the following identical SIP and email addresses: Mike@voipreseller.com SIP communication would be routed to Tom at his SIP address sip:mike@voipreseller.com as email would be sent to Mike at his Email address mailto:mike@voipreseller.com.

Your SIP address allows you to participate in SIP based communication over the Internet. SIP can be used to initiate a variety of communication formats ranging from a phone call to collaborative conferences over existing Internet connections without the need of traditional telephone services.

What makes SIP even more powerful is that it is personal like an email address. While a telephone number is registered to a specific device, a SIP address follows the person it belongs to. This gives SIP users access to new features that standard landline telephone services simply do not offer. With the increasing prevalence of Internet telephony in the corporate and consumer markets comes the gradual migration from the use of telephone numbers to the use of SIP addresses.

The easiest way to obtain a SIP address is by creating an account with an online service. Like creating an email account with Google or Yahoo, you will be provided with an address (i.e. yourname@gmail.com or yourname@yahoo.com). However, your SIP service provider may allow you to create SIP addresses within your own domain as well (i.e. tom@awesomeness.com). As a SIP providers, we at V1 VoIP allow customers to use the registered domain name of their companies to create SIP addresses free of charge.

People using standard telephones can reach you on your SIP address, all you need is a regular telephone number which forwards to your address. If you want to call people who are using regular telephones, your SIP service needs the ability to call out to regular telephone numbers, and V1 VoIP can provide you with one or both of these services.

Want a SIP address? Contact V1 VoIP to obtain your SIP address today!

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Basic Guide to SIP Trunk for V1 VoIP Resellers

A basic guide of SIP Trunks and why they are popular for V1 VoIP private label resellers

For V1 VoIP resellers, the ability to resell SIP Trunks to connect to the traditional PSTN network is a great service to add to your solution portfolio. SIP Trunks are becoming a hot selling item because of the cost savings of SIP for customers, along with it’s increased reliability.

Reselling SIP trunks allows your customers to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with PSTN connectivity via V1 VoIP SIP Trunking Service. This service allows those businesses that have a PBX installed to use VoIP outside the enterprise network by using the same connection as the Internet connection.

A SIP Trunk is primarily a concurrent call routed over V1’s IP backbone using VoIP technology. SIP Trunks are used in conjunction with an IP-PBX and are thought of as replacements for traditional PRI or analog circuits. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). The protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party (unicast) or multiparty (multicast) sessions consisting of one or several media streams. The modification can involve changing addresses or ports, inviting more participants, and adding or deleting media streams. IT allows for video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer and online games.

Have you waited long enough to begin reselling SIP trunks and SIP trunk service? Don’t wait any longer. Contact a member of the V1 SIP team today.

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