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Why Choose V1 VoIP as Your SIP Carrier


SIP Trunking is a sector of VoIP technology which offers far more diversity and redundancy than what telecom carriers could offer in the past. So if you are looking for or already utilizing SIP Trunking for inbound, outbound, toll-free, dialer, nationwide or worldwide calls, then it is much easier and less costly to have more than one carrier to handle 100% of your traffic or to just have redundancy than what the typical costs would be with legacy telecommunications.
V1 VoIp is a SIP carrier which executes the best for the majority of calls. If you have a blend of all the SIP types of calls listed above, V1 VoIP can provide services for all types of traffic with competitive rates. If your calling traffic is specifically one or two kinds of calls, we have many more options to either split your calls or have primary and failover carriers.

For example, let’s say you are an inbound call center with mostly toll free calls and you simply want a SIP Toll Free provider. But what if you also had other departments that needed SIP trunks for local calls, SIP trunks for outbound long distance calls nationwide or worldwide and phone numbers in a few countries for remote branch offices then the field is narrowed down to less choices.

V1 VoIP can integrate with your SIP PBX, switch or dialer that you are currently using.

V1 VoIP has helped clients with SIP carriers and we have millions of minutes every month successfully on SIP trunking. Whether you are new to SIP trunking or are looking to upgrade to a better carrier, contact the V1 VoIP SIP department today. We will help assist you in your SIP carrier selection process.

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