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V1 VoIP Explains: SIP Trunk Features Benefits

If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner then you already know that signing up for high-tech VoIP telephony services is the thing to do these days. The hottest component of V1 VoIP technology today is SIP trunking, which is becoming more and more popular as more and more businesses move their communication platform to one that’s cloud-based.

SIP stands for session initiation protocol. It used to control communication in the form of either voice or video. With V1 VoIP SIP, calls are facilitated by its users allowing them to enjoy video conferencing, making voice calls, streaming video and other online communication tools that too at very low costs! SIP trunking can be very helpful when it comes to a business owner wanting to upgrade their old landline system to one that uses high-tech VoIP telephony.

Gone are the hassles of having to call the operator and book your trunk call. Telephone switchboards are replaced by VoIP technology which converts the voice signals into data packets to send over the internet. It gives you the freedom to call anytime for as many times as you want unlike the trunk calling system. V1 VoIP is much-much cheaper than what you had to pay for trunk calls.

Here are SIP trunk features that V1 VoIP resellers advertise to their clients:

Reduction in Calling Costs
SIP trunking is going to reduce the amount of money you’re currently paying for making and receiving telephone calls. Yeah!

Because SIP trunking is very reliable you can expect it to be consistently available. If a power outage happens to occur the SIP trunk will reroute to anywhere you tell it to.

Better Efficiency
SIP trunking allows employees to easily connect with each other, which can allow for a much higher rate of efficiency.

SIP allows you create a mobile workforce easily. SIP trunking gives employees outside the physical office the ability to connect, which can save a lot of time.

If you’re a small and medium-sized business owner and have been thinking about signing up for high-tech VoIP technology, now it the time! Make sure your business always has the edge it needs to successfully compete in today’s highly competitive business world with V1 VoIP SIP trunk technology.

Contact V1 VoIP today to start reselling SIP trunks or to connect with a reseller in your area to make your business more efficient.

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V1 VoIP SIP Trunking Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

V1 VoIP SIP trunk resellers offer small and medium size businesses features and benefits unify communications system

Businesses of all sizes are currently looking for the most effective way to create a unified communications system so that their business can run as efficiently as it possibly can. V1 VoIP resellers understand that SIP trunking services are often the ideal solution. If a business upgrades to SIP trunking services, it means they have the desire to grow and expand their communication system to one that will keep them competitive.

The cost of SIP trunking services have lowered substantially and now small and medium size business owners can afford the same SIP trunking services previously only attainable by enterprise corporations. With V1 VoIP SIP trunking service sin their corner, SMBs can take their business to the next level. Because SIP trunking services offer so much flexibility, you can expect SIP trunks to increase the overall quality of service.

Businesses new to the notion of SIP trunks have many questions regarding them. Expect to hear what is it, what can it do for my business and get ready to have the answer for why should I need that. Utilizing SIP trunking services means taking advantage of unifying the business communication system. That reason in and of itself should be enough to make a business switch.

Here are common questions V1 VoIP SIP resellers should be prepared to hear and answer:

What’s SIP going to cost?
Cost is the first and foremost concern of a business owner. When a business owner asks about SIP trunking, make sure that you’re completely prepared so that you’re able to provide them with the SIP trunking cost information they’re looking for. Utilizing SIP trunking services is proving to be one of the most efficient methods when it comes to integrating VoIP technology into a business. Don’t forget to let them know the majority of business owners can expect to save anywhere from 20% to 40% off of their current communication budget.

Are SIP trunks reliable?
SIP trunks utilize cloud-based technology, which makes them extremely reliable.

Will it be difficult to upgrade to SIP trunks?
V1 VoIP SIP resellers assist business owners in upgrading and ensure that they understand leaving that landline behind is in the best interest of their communication system.

What is SIP trunk security like?
When proper protections are put in place, such as firewalls SIP trunking is extremely secure.

If you want to resell SIP trunking services, contact V1 VoIP today. SIP trunking services provide business owners with a number of extremely beneficial tools that can allow them to connect various devices within a business, it’s definitely worth their time to check out exactly what SIP trunking can do for them.

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