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V1 VOIP SIP Trunking Services and Solutions for Business

V1 VoIP offers wholesalers and resellers SIP trunking services and solutions for business

Saving money is the bottom line for any successful company and V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk services and solutions can help a company get there. V1 VoIP SIP trunk services consolidates a company’s communication tools by eliminating individual telephone circuits in multiple locations. With no expensive infrastructure to build, manage and maintain, V1 VoIP resellers see SIP trunking as a way to build customer relationships and promote their own brand. V1 VoIP resellers and wholesalers are also assured of recurring profit margins as well as improved and increased inter-connectivity. This results in a reduction of hardware costs, even if a business has a multi-site landscape.

With SIP trunking an employee uses the company’s PBX system to route calls through the IP network of the SIP trunk service provider. When the call reaches its destination point, it drops back to the public switched telephone network or PSTN and the recipient at the other end of the line receives the call. This call is not charged any extra fees except the contracted fixed monthly fee the service provider charges.

The benefits of utilizing V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk service are the advanced features your reseller customers want. V1 VoIP resellers are able to offer their customers an array of functional features and applications for business customers they are demanding, including unlimited local and long distance calls, teleconferencing, call forwarding, caller ID and many more. SIP trunks are better than the traditional company IP phone networks because they enable people to communicate both within and outside the enterprise.

Looking for a fully branded solution? V1 VoIP offers fully branded white label SIP trunking services and solutions. This will converge both data and voice into a single platform, effectively interfacing a hosted or premise-based PBX phone system in an IP environment.

Whether you’re an end user, a reseller or a wholesaler, V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk services and solutions can help you take business to the next level. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today or sign up now to start utilizing SIP trunking services and solutions.

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The Possible Future of SIP Services in the VoIP Industry

SIP trunk service can save a business so much money, but the majority still do not know what that service is. Is it the marketing? Has it not reached the public lexicon the way that VoIP has? What we are finding after reading a report from Infonetics Research is that, “Businesses are looking for is reliability, quality and low cost telephone service. The transport mechanism is secondary.”

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) connection is a service offered by many ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers) that connects a company’s PBX to the existing telephone system infrastructure (PSTN) via Internet using the SIP VoIP standard. At V1 VoIP, we offer a SIP trunking service called PSTN Gateway.

The VoIP industry is inundated with technical jargon; words, phrases, and acronyms that come as second nature to us (see some of our blog links here, here, and here about commonly used VoIP acronyms and words), but are completely foreign to the public at large. It’s still surprising how many people do not know what VoIP stands for! (Voice Over Internet Protocol, just in case you were wondering!)

I suppose part of the struggle in getting some SIP terms into the mainstream vocabulary is the fact that our entire industry is an alternative approach to an embedded technology: landlines, and regular phone systems. It has been a difficult enough struggle to get mainstream people to want to try to switch the phone service they know to something else without piling on different types of new services. Will everyone one day know what the acronym SIP is? Or will there be another acronym that becomes part of the lexicon.

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V1 VoIP Private Label VoIP Partner Benefits

By becoming a private label V1 VoIP reseller, you can rest assured that you are partnered with the best VoIP provider. Through providing the back-end infrastructure and feature-rich services for your customers, V1 VoIP can enable you to become a successful and profitable private label VoIP reseller. V1 VoIP is a leader as a private label VoIP provider. Our resellers earn money each month from multitudes of customers and resell a variety of services and solutions we offer. Here are a few reasons why our partners love us and how they maximize their profits reselling V1 services:

As a V1 VoIP private label reseller, you gain access to offer services customers need and want like SIP trunking and Hosted PBX. Ultimately, this means that you will be able to keep all of your current customers satisfied as you simultaneously attract and acquire new clientele. This is because your present customers who are not yet ready to ditch their old phone systems will still have the ability to continue with their current service plan, while those who are ready to make the switch to VoIP will be able to do so without having to seek out a new service provider. And because you’ll be offering the latest and greatest communications technologies, new customers will be happy to sign with you.

Here are a few benefits to becoming a V1 VoIP private label reseller:

1. Make Recurring Money
It’s the number one reason why a person starts a business and it’s what makes a business successful. At V1 VoIP, when a reseller succeeds, we succeed. When resellers have access to our complete portfolio of products and services that V1 offers, there should never be a need from a client that they can’t meet.
Resellers start to turn over a profit on these services right away because there are no huge up front costs to become a V1 VoIP reseller.

2. Complete Suite of Service, Solutions and Products
Speaking of our portfolio… V1 VoIP offers our resellers a comprehensive and feature-rich product suite which enables you to extend your private label dial tone to any native SIP or legacy PBX. By providing full scalability it means that your customers can rely on the fact that their phone system will grow with them. V1 VoIP also provide free software upgrades, remote capabilities, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compatibility, trunk consolidation, and a number of other services will keep your customers happy while keep you competitive with even the biggest communications providers at all times. Disaster recovery services are also available to ensure the continuity of services to your customers during unexpected service interruptions.

3. White Label Branding
Are you interested in being more than a reseller? V1 VoIP offers a complete white label reseller offer. This means that you can offer our services, solutions and products under your own brand name. Customers see your name, not ours, your logo on bills, not ours, and we support you taking full credit for it. All services that you offer to your customers will be under the umbrella of your own brand name so that you are able to get your name out to the public, build up your company, and become more successful than ever before without ever losing your credibility or reputation.

The benefits involved with becoming a V1 VoIP reseller make it obvious that this is a smart business move. Are you ready to see how partnering with V1 VoIP can help you to succeed? Contact us today for more details and to take a free demo of our platform.

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V1 VoIP SIP Trunk Popular Features

V1 VoIP SIP trunk resellers see popular features for businesses including virtual telephone numbers and contact centersV1 VoIP SIP trunk resellers tell us all the time their business customers ask for specific features again and again. Right now the market for reselling SIP trunking services is hot, which means that the sooner you become a V1 VoIP SIP trunking reseller possible, the better. Some of the services and benefits V1 VoIP SIP trunk resellers offer include:

* The ability to access unused bandwidth
* A much more cost efficient way to communicate
* Access to voice compression technology, which means that you’re able to send more voice traffic over the same circuit without experiencing any loss in quality
* Fewer connection points, which means faster transmissions
* Automatic allowances for differences in call volume/data usage
* The ability to connect with current IP PBX systems
* No need for business owners to have any SIP trunking equipment installed

Popular features include the ability for a business to set up a virtual telephone number. This virtual telephone number allows a business owner to create telephone numbers with a specific area code, which makes it easy to set up a local presence. Because many people these days are beginning to first search for a local company to give their business to, this feature can prove to be very beneficial.

SIP trunking services can also help a business owner create a better contact center. They can expect faster connection speeds and highly effective management tools, which are going to allow them to manage their call center much more efficiently.

There are also a number of calling plans business owners can choose from. And the fact that you can expect to pay lower prices and receive a higher quality of service means that there’s simply no reason for you to not upgrade to a system that utilizes SIP trunking.

If you’re someone who’s interested in reselling SIP trunking services, right now is the perfect time for you to contact V1 VoIP so we can get you started. Businesses are showing great interest in SIP trunk services so becoming a SIP trunking reseller is a wise decision.

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Wholesale V1 VoIP SIP Trunking and Termination

wholesale V1 voip sip termination flexible terms high qualityWhat differentiates V1 VoIP from other SIP carriers is that V1 VoIP is not scared off by those in need of dialer traffic. Call centers that need SIP services are a specialty of ours. V1 VoIP SIP routes are dialer friendly and we do not apply penalties or surcharges for dialer traffic. Our billing increments and rounding are tailored to contact center termination to ensure you are not penalized for short duration calls typical for predictive dialing. The V1 VoIP infrastructure and the infrastructure of downstream carriers have been extensively tested for high calls per second (CPS) usage typical of dialer traffic.

In addition to thoroughly testing our network, we also employ extensive monitoring and alerting as well as call-by-call fail-over. Our platform will retry each call within a fraction of a second, if the initial attempt to complete the call fails. This results in higher call completion and we feel this is a key differentiator.

V1 wholesale SIP termination routes are top quality, stable, utilizing only the best VoIP carrier partners. Flexible terms are key for our carrier grade VoIP wholesale SIP based termination.

Include V1 VoIP in your least cost routing (LCR) or take advantage of V1 VoIP blended rates for retail, as well as very competitive prefix based rate decks. The V1 VoIP platform is highly specialized to take advantage of the best of breed technologies available in the market today.

Some carriers are not able to handle high CPS which in turn can result in post dial delay (PDD), rejected calls or worse – no response at all. V1 VoIP constantly monitors these factors to ensure downstream issues are caught, and dealt with before they affect our end customers.

With our full suite of wholesale VoIP SIP Trunking and termination services, we can support your needs. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to take a free demo of our services and solutions,

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V1 VoIP Wholesale US SIP Trunking

V1 VoIP offers wholesale US SIP trunking and terminationWhen it comes to SIP Trunking, V1 VoIP has your US domestic wholesale usage covered. V1 VoIP provides high quality, aggressively priced long distance termination to the US. We focus on high ASR and low trouble ticket count. No matter how rural the call, we will get the job done and without cutting corners. While we believe cost is key, V1 VoIP also focuses in on accuracy. Our billing system is bar none and will accommodate a wide variety of formats requested in the industry with high probability we can meet your requirements.

To best suit our wholesalers, V1 VoIP has designed the industry’s most advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) intelligence, routing to more than 150 direct interconnections. We then boosted performance by developing and deploying our own quality grooming technology.

Our growing team of developers work persistently to refine our services and create better products for V1 VoIP and our partners. Developing our toolset in-house means we have ultimate control over how they work. You will never hear us say “we’ll need to open a ticket with our switch vendor”… because we are the vendor, architect and developer of every service and product we provide our customers.

V1 VoIp offers flexibility to accommodate many billing formats, including LRN, LATA/OCN, fixed price, cost plus or customize a plan to your specific needs. We can also bill jurisdictionally to either interstate, intrastate or local, as well as non-jurisdictionally. Rates changes are infrequent and custom pricing is available based on targets and volumes.

V1 VoIP understands what is important to you – Quality, ASR and cost – and we deliver. The biggest LEC’s and IXC’s in the world already trust V1 VoIP with their traffic. Take the time to find out what we are about and benefit from our experience. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today to take advantage of our competitive pricing.

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Wholesale V1 VoIP Termination Power

V1 VoIP wholesale termination services and solutions SIP trunk featuresThe most basic way to define VoIP termination is to call it an outbound call to any number anywhere in the world, or the route that call uses to follow from a phone system to the final destination. When it comes to VoIP, call termination is also known as voice termination, and is the route through which the telephone calls are terminated from V1 VoIP to the receiver of those calls.

V1 VoIP’s termination power is being used by business people and corporations to residences. No matter the size of our reseller’s end user, all are getting ease from its use because it is making the function of calling faster, cheaper and efficient.

Here are some highlights of V1 VoIP’s wholesale termination services:
V1 VoIP offers highly reliable and powerful termination to businesses as small as one person and large ones all the way up to enterprise that are in need of a solid voice call system. V1 VoIP SIP trunking offers full and easy integration to our purposefully built VoIP termination network. This allows us to deliver superior class wholesale termination services at a low cost, regardless of your company’s size or required call volume.

V1 VoIP’s wholesale voice termination offers everything you need to pass calls from DID phone numbers, virtual DIDs, toll free and even SMS capabilities. Our powerful feature-rich voice termination for resellers will ensure your customers will always be satisfied.

At V1 VoIP, we don’t stop with wholesale termination services, we also excel at VoIP origination services as well. Our SIP origination allows businesses to receive calls, get local toll free DID phone numbers, receive faxes, fax to email service and even SMS from more than 70 countries around the globe.

Whether you are a call center in need of large volumes of concurrent calls, or a small to medium size business, our V1 VoIP resellers can provide you with the voice termination you need. Contact us using the form below to get more information about V1 VoIP’s termination and wholesale termination services.

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V1 VoIP: Defining SIP Trunking

V1 VoIP defines SIP Trunking session initiation protocol for VoIPSIP stands for the Session Initiation Protocol and is a signaling protocol. It is widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as VoIP. SIP makes it possible to save on local and long distance calling, while retaining your existing phone system. This efficient way of combining voice and data onto one Internet connection will make your life easier, while enjoying free on-network calling between your corporate locations.

V1 VoIP will define, explain and help you learn more about SIP Trunking.

V1 VoIP SIP offers a huge opportunity to reinvent how businesses communicate. The potential of SIP has had a prolonged effect throughout the industry with equipment vendors and service providers exploring how best to leverage this market opportunity.

Some of the primary drivers for SIP in the industry include:

* Provides a private, secure, 24/7-managed voice network
* The ability to pare of IP devices
* Easy deployment of multimedia applications through seamless voice, video, and data integration
* Instant messaging capabilities
* Application integration through SIP support in Windows XP and AOL Instant Messenger
* 3G Mobile device support
* Lowers equipment costs Offers converged networks (voice, video and data services)
* Delivers advanced disaster recovery capabilities
* Provides access to V1 VoIP hosted voice solutions and hosted call center solutions

Contact V1 VoIP for more information about SIP and how it can save you and your business money today. We’ll give you a free tour and demonstration of the power of V1 VoIP SIP and answer any questions about SIP that you may have.

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V1 VoIP SIP Trunking and Hosted IP PBX

V1 VoIP offers resellers complete VoIP services for enterprise business and small to medium businesses with SIP trunking services and cloud hosted IP PBXVoIP resellers can now offer a complete set of new generation telephony services to large enterprise customers as well as small and medium businesses with V1 VoIP SIP trunking and hosted IP PBX. V1 VoIP is a single software platform which delivers private branch exchange (PBX) functionality as a service (hosted IP PBX solution) and can be successfully used for SIP trunking business supporting:

V1 VoIP SIP trunking
* Hosted IP PBX services
* Class 4 and 5 IP Centrex solutions
* Inbound and outbound calling
* Toll-free and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers
* All current regulations including E911 and CALEA
* SIP over TCP, particularly for customers using Microsoft OCS
* National directory listing
* Multilingual online real time billing and account management

V1 VoIP provides resellers with a full set of class 5 features essential for any IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX deployment, which include:

* Call Transfer
* Hunt Groups
* Call Diverting
* Follow me
* Call Waiting
* Three Way Calling
* Call Forwarding
* Group Call Pickup
* Teleconferencing

The functionality of V1 VoIP’s platform is completely integrated within the class 5 SIP softswitch and customer management platform providing a single interface for service administration and billing.

With services like IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX enabled by V1 VoIP’s business customers can communicate more efficiently while retaining their existing technology and phone numbers. Using a high-speed Internet connection, users are able to customize features and control settings online and in real time, from anywhere in the world. Dramatically lower calling costs, simplified billing and a wide array of business-friendly features are the key to the success of VoIP enterprise telephony services.

Who is V1 VoIP SIP for?

1. Small businesses serving customers with long-distance communication needs
2. Enterprises whose customer base and/or staff includes a substantial traveling sales force
3. Large-sized corporations with geographically dispersed locations
4. Any mid-or large-sized company without sufficient reception staff to take personal messages for employees
5. Telecom companies interested in providing telephone connectivity to remote offices/communities
6. Companies competing with local telecoms by offering enhanced 3rd generation services (Centrex, IP PBX, follow-me, mobility, etc.)

How does V1 VoIP SIP work?
The caller dials the desired local or long-distance number directly. The call is then sent over the company’s high-speed Internet connection via a VoIP gateway or the company’s existing PBX. When dialing a number within the same enterprise, abbreviated dialing is also available. Once the call is completed, it is charged to the company’s account balance. Users (administrators and/or individual employees) may log in to the account self-provisioning interface at any time to access service usage and call history (xDRs/CDRs), payment information, language options, and many other features.

Key Features of V1 VoIP SIP include:
* Both pre-paid and post-paid calling services can be offered; the latter model is preferable for most enterprises
* Allows transparent migration; users may retain their current telephone numbers and extensions, or else integrate their existing PBX system
* Centrex – enhanced business-class phone features for very large office phone systems and/or digital phones, with no equipment upgrade or installation required (standard features include call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, and other class features)
* Virtual Office/IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) – answers, screens and routes calls to virtually any location, provides company staff with unified virtual extension numbers, and processes large volumes of calls simultaneously
* V1 VoIP Auto Attendant – a voice response unit that answers phones and performs operator/receptionist duties (transferring calls to extensions within the company’s phone system, screening calls, offering callers directory assistance for the correct extension)
* Fully compliant with the Visa security standard

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V1 VoIP SIP Trunk Reseller Advice

V1 VoIP offers business owners tips and advice to make the smoothest SIP trunking transition with our resellers

V1 VoIP resellers confirm that SIP trunking services are becoming more popular because they allow a businesses to communicate with others around the world while saving them money. Businesses must first have a PBX that allows SIP trunking, a device that supports SIP trunking services. By signing up for V1 VoIP SIP trunking services a business can expect to save anywhere from 20% to 60% off their communication costs.

Integrating V1 VoIP SIP trunking services into a business requires some preparation and planning in order to figure out all the fine details. V1 VoIP recommends business owners discuss and research VoIP technology and SIP trunking services with their V1 VoIP reseller to make the best decision for their particular business.

Here are a few tips V1 VoIP offers business owners looking to make the smoothest SIP trunking transition with our resellers:

1. Know what you need.
By knowing what kind of services you’re going to need, you will also know which ones you don’t need. SIP trunking allows you to pay for what you need, and this ensure you the best cost savings.

2. Update your PBX
Make sure your current PBX system is able to support SIP trunking services. If not, you will need to need to upgrade.

3. Know your capabilities.
Make sure your current data infrastructure has the capability to properly handle the amount of voice traffic you’re transmitting. This is essential if you want the highest quality of service.

4. DID list
DIDs are a fancy way of saying phone numbers. Make a complete list of all of the telephone numbers in your database, which is vital for a smooth transition.

By the year 2017, it’s predicted that more than half of all businesses will be using SIP trunking services 100% time. Don’t wait any longer to keep up with your competition! Contact V1 VoIP today to get in touch with a reseller who can provide you these amazing money saving services. We will be happy to give you a free demo of what these services can do for you.

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