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Are VoIP Calls the Same as Skype Ones?

Can I keep my phone number is the first question without fail, that V1 VoIP reseller customers always ask. But right after that, comes questions about call quality and whether or not it will stay the same once the switch to VoIP is made. If you’ve ever made a Skype call, you can understand why the question of call quality is asked. VoIP and Skype may use similar technologies to make phone calls over the Internet, but the respective voice quality of each solution differs significantly from the other.

Thankfully, with V1 VoIP providing services and solutions to resellers, you do not have to worry. V1 VoIP is designed to far surpass landline telephones and real-time communications apps in terms of voice quality.

Skype requires the same amount of bandwidth as a VoIP call, but the voice quality still differs. Skype implements the respected Opus audio codec, but the Skype network was not built to be undersubscribed bandwidth wise. Even though the “recommended” client side bandwidth for a Skype call is the same as a VoIP call, the call quality will suffer because of Skype’s own bandwidth limitations.

When on Skype and the call quality deteriorates, you are not dealing with a flawed design, but a limited network infrastructure that cannot provide dedicated service to millions of anonymous individuals. This is one of the key issues that V1 VoIP attempts to rectify. The average VoIP call takes the same amount of bandwidth as a Skype call does (100 kpbs) and yet still sounds of higher quality. V1 VoIP creates separate real-time networks and partner with Tier-1 Internet companies to ensure the highest bitrate possible.

In general, Skype and business VoIP are using comparable audio codecs, both of which are capable of wideband voice quality. But Skype’s network holds its voice quality back. And this is not just a voice quality issue, because Skype is more likely than business VoIP to outright drop calls in the case of severe packet loss, whereas business VoIP companies often make eradication of dropped calls a supreme priority.

If you’re fearful that switching to VoIP services will diminish the quality of your calls, fear not! The only thing your co-workers will notice is a crisper and clearer sound.

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