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V1 VoIP Answers: What is a Softswitch and What Do They Do?


Because V1 VoIP specializes in softswitch technology, we are the perfect company to explain what a softswitch is, how it applies to VoIP and what it does.

A VoIP softswitch is the central device from the telecommunications network that is made to connect telephone calls from one phone line completely to another. Remember when an operator would pick up and connect you with whom you wanted to speak to? Those were the switch operators. A softswitch replaced the hardware in physical switchboards which are used to route calls.

Companies of all kinds rely on softswitches to control the connections at the junction point between circuit in addition to packet networks. A softswitch will typically reside in a building owned by phoning company, which is usually referred to as the central office, and will even have telephone trunks to hold calls.

A softswitch could also be used to replace the old means of connecting telephone lines manually. Traditional calls designed to the awitchboard could be routed for the right person, but it required much effort on the part of the Operator. As a outcome, the softswitch has been able to revolutionize telecommunications all over the world.

The softswitch network is the idea of separating the network hardware by network software. The softswitch network is regarded as more efficient and feature loaded, and supports the VoIP calls which might be taking place over IP networks at an escalating rate. While the softswitch is normally the software connecting two traces, it can also be the exact device that is situated in a telephone network that will procedure the transmission of data.

Softswitches consist of the software and processors that monitor both lines involved in the phone call and make sure the connection isn’t lost. Some companies have superior softswitches than others, but the basic technology involved stands out as the same on both ends. Also, the end-user does not physically connect to the softswitch as this platform is utterly managed by the telephone firm.

V1 VoIP’s Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches can work in wired or wireless environments when they are highly malleable and are designed to work with almost any telecom system. They are also small and convenient to allow them to easily replace large, expensive Switchboards and crowded rooms of workers.

If you have any questions about VoIP softswitches or are in need of them, contact a member of the V1 VoIP switch team today!

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