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V1 VoIP Termination Solutions Provider for VoIP Resellers

V1 VoIP is a leading termination solutions provider and VoIP reseller that deals with SIP Management. The V1 VoIP SIP termination is made up of three components, and provides everything you need to offer professional call termination to your customers. Each component has a dedicated role, and each component works with the others to provide seamless call termination solutions.

V1 VoIP is a termination solutions provider and VoIP reseller platform you can trust.

V1 VoIP provides advanced technical support on its website, as well as direct access to V1 VoIP Hosting Services. With high end international call termination services for internet telephony service providers, V1 VoIP specializes in mobile call termination and SIM card management. V1 VoIP has headquarters based in south Florida, as well as sales offices in New York, California and Mexico. We offer you a global POP.

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to ask questions about how you can grow your business by offering and reselling V1 VoIP SIP services, solutions, and termination. We would love to show you a free demo of our powerful platform.

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V1 VoIP A-Z VoIP Wholesale Termination

At V1 VoIP, we define A-Z VoIP termination as the ability for a VoIP service provider, such as ourselves, to offer termination support for the connection to all destinations in the world. A – Z comes from the idea of Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, which would be all the countries available on the plant. This comprehensive offer allows the subscribers to have a possibility of connection with most of telephone numbers, regardless of their location and type.

Termination itself is a service which consists in ending telephone calls inside the telecommunication operator network to which the connection has been directed. The last network where the calls appear is the network of the terminating operator. For example, if the operator A sends calls to the operator B to the numbers belonging to the subscribers of the operator B’s network (both one’s own numbers and the numbers transferred), we are dealing with termination.

V1 VoIP allows for the purchase and sales of both termination service and the transit of telephone calls. Thanks to built-in mechanisms, when it is possible, connections are transferred directly to the target operator’s network so that he can terminate them in his network. In case of the lack of a direct connection, they will direct connections via transit links in such a way that the potential number of hops (transit networks) is as low as possible.

When you partner up with V1 VoIP as an A-Z VoIP termination wholesaler, you gain access to a very wide offer of operators worldwide. V1 VoIP aggregates many A-Z offers concerned with single destinations, automatically compares rates and quality of connections and selects the best offers for you. With the V1 VoIP platform, we compare offers of other suppliers for you so you know your traffic is supported by only the best.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of terminating calls anywhere in the world. Get complete A-Z wholesale termination by contacting a member of the V1 VoIP termination team today.

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