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10 VoIP Reseller Phone Sales Tips You Need

There are hundreds of strategies for how to sell over the phone. Here are the five of the best tips from V1 VoIP that you can implement today in closing your VoIP reseller customer.

1. Smile
When you smile, not only will smiling make you sound friendlier, it can also make the person on the other end of the line smile as well. It’s much harder to say no when you’re smiling! Changing your voice to sound happier will actually make you feel that way.

2. Visualize the other person
When you make dozens of phone calls every day, it can be easy to forget that you’re talking to a real person. It’s much easier to empathize with someone when we see them in front of us. Look up a picture of your prospect and keep it in front of you during the call. This will help loosen up any stiffness in your script and keep your tone conversational.

3. Match the other person’s pace
People talk at different speeds, depending on their mood and the situation. The best way to set your pace is to listen to the other person and try to match their tempo. At the beginning of your call, ask questions and engage in small talk to get a sense of how they talk.

4. Listen actively
It can be difficult to convey that you are actively listening to someone on the phone. You don’t have eye contact, and the other person can’t see if you’re paying attention or nodding. Despite the lack of visual cues, you can still show the other person that you are engaged in the call.

5. Say thank you
Regardless of how the call goes, always thank the other person for their time. Starting and ending your conversation in a polite manner will leave a good impression after the call is over. You want to present a professional image of yourself and your company, even if the call doesn’t result in a sale.

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