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The Science behind V1 VoIP Vanity Numbers

V1 VoIP explains the psychological science behind a business using a a voip vanity toll free phone number

A vanity number is a phone number with the name of the business or person in the name. A great example of this is 1-800-GOT-JUNK. With a phone number like this that explains what the company does in the number, there is no way to confuse this company with one that sells bath supplies. For decades, vanity numbers have been essential for company brand recognition in a time where it seems everyone has attention holding problems. But do vanity numbers actually work?

In 1994, an investigation surveyed by DMMA Telephone Marketing TARP looked into whether or not toll-free vanity numbers were effective in creating memorability with customers. Apparently it worked. They claimed that having a vanity toll free number led to an increase in product orders by 18-23% and raised the average value per order by 20-40%. Even more, they suggested that customers would call 300-400% times more if a company advertises toll-free.

Another study commissioned by 800-response researched the recall rate of vanity numbers and URLs. Those involved discovered an average recall rate 75.4% higher with vanity 800 numbers over numeric toll-free numbers. As well, 57% of survey respondents preferred vanity 800 numbers to local numeric phone numbers. Even more recently, Mountain Marketing Group too broached this topic. Their report states that 90% of Americans have used toll-free numbers to contact a company, 84% of which could recall the number long after because of the ad’s use of letters and visual aids.

Recalling a business’ telephone number occurs within the working memory. Upon gazing at a number, the mind initiates a “phonological loop,” which, if interrupted, stops the mind from processing and storing the data – the number in this case. But even without interference, the phonological loop does little for the long-term memory. This is because long-term memory requires association – a link to something familiar.

Generally, people remember words more than they do numbers – not to mention, people tend to develop stronger associations with words over numbers. For this reason, vanity numbers help businesses create associations by leveraging a brand or message to tie things together. The number’s prefix even plays a part in retention. According to 800response’s 2011 survey, 90% of consumers recognize the “800” prefix as toll-free, meaning popular toll-free numbers elicit consumer action more than lesser-known variations. In that sense, get to know the formats available in your country.

If you are in need of a vanity toll free number which will increase your company’s business returns contact V1 VoIP today to see your name behind 1-800 digits.

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