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Start Reselling Turnkey Services from V1 VoIP

Now that the costs associated with integrating high-tech VoIP services into a business have lowered drastically, business owners are able to update their outdated communication system to one that uses updated VoIP technology. For VoIP resellers, V1 VoIP offers turnkey services which are completely affordable for any and all business owners who are still using an analog telephone system.

If you have a customer still using POTS, there’s simply no reason to continue using the same analog-based business communication system. It doesn’t matter whether your customer is a small-sized business owner, a medium-sized business owner or even a single entrepreneur, VoIP technology is going to help your customers better compete with other businesses that fall within your niche. And the ability to communicate well in today’s highly competitive world of business is critical when it comes to being successful.

Resellers might have some business owners concerned about how much VoIP services are going to cost them in comparison to what they’re paying now for their landline system. The good news is the majority of business owners can expect to pay less than what their paying now.

Some business owners have been on a landline system for so many years that they may not even want to think about upgrading their business communication system. They’ve adopted the ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality and the thought of learning a new way to communicate may seem a bit overwhelming. But business owners who haven’t upgraded their current business communication system yet aren’t going to be able to communicate nearly as efficiently as they could with those who have already made the choice to upgrade to using VoIP technology.

V1 VoIP resellers offer turnkey VoIP services to these businesses who are still on the edge of making the landline to VoIP switch. Turnkey VoIP services allow an easy transition for these nervous customers and provide a seamless transition to the high-tech world of VoIP

If you’re someone who’s interested in reselling turnkey VoIP services, contact V1 VoIP today to begin offering our services to these SMB customers. Many small and medium-sized business owners are still looking for you, the V1 VoIP reseller who can assist them in upgrading their current landline-based communication system.

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V1 VoIP’s Turnkey Reseller Hot Features

Reseller customers who are taking advantage of V1 VoIP’s turnkey VoIP features are loving the options which are taking their communications to the next level. No longer chained to a landline, businesses are seeing plentiful features. V1 VoIP’s turnkey services have been lowering in price making it so that any-sized business can take advantage. This means that any business who wants to can now choose to integrate these high-tech telephony services into their company.

V1 VoIP’s Top Turnkey Features for Resellers
Call Forwarding
The ability to forward ones calls to another phone means never worrying about missing any important phone calls.

Going Mobile
Mobile device incorporation gives a business the ability to use their VoIP features on their Smartphones, which leads to better business productivity.

Conference Calls
Almost all businesses are either implementing, upgrading or expanding their choices when it comes to hosting three-way conferences. Conferencing means being able to connect callers that might be mobile or in alternate offices. Conferencing also includes video conferencing.

In order for a business to be able to participate in the highly competitive world of business there’s a need for them to have access to the tools that are going to allow this to happen. For V1 VoIP resellers, offering turnkey VoIP services with state-of-the-art features means businesses can communicate better while saving money doing so. To learn more contact us now.

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V1 VoIP Tips for Better Online Meetings

V1 VoIP online virtual meeting tips from turnkey voip service resellers

One of the most requested service from V1 VoIP’s turnkey services is online meetings for businesses. Online meetings aren’t much different from your standard IRL meetings, other than the obvious they take place virtually. When it comes to our resellers offering this to businesses, there are several tips they give for the to take advantage of this latest service.

Pretend It’s an In Person Meeting
One of the greatest advantages of having an online meeting is that it gives attendees flexibility in their scheduling and point of access, but they should be treated the same way as an in person meeting. Don’t make last second schedule changes and give everyone time to share their opinions on presentations and talking points. Take the time to prepare any relevant materials and update yourself on the status of projects to be discussed in the meeting is always important.

Keep the Setting Professional
Just because you can join an online meeting from your bedroom in your pajamas, doesn’t mean that’s where you should attend it. It’s important to take your setting into consideration for a productive meeting. Avoid spaces that might have distracting background noise like coffee shops, and find somewhere quiet with a limited chance of interruption.

V1 VoIP encourages our resellers to highlight the features of online meetings to their prospective and current business customers. In this digital age, being able to conduct a meeting in this fashion can make a business run more efficiently, and better efficiency generally leads to a better bottom line. Contact V1 VoIP today for a free demo of our online meetings through our turnkey VoIP services, or add this product to your current reseller portfolio.

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Reselling V1 VoIP Turnkey VoIP Services to Businesses


The time is right to become a V1 VoIP reseller and offer our turnkey VoIP services to small and medium size businesses. Turnkey VoIP services have significantly lowered in their cost, so business owners who couldn’t afford to upgrade their business communication system in the past to VoIP technology now can. Not only are VoIP services now affordable, in some cases they’re saving even more money on their communication costs.

Now that the cost of integrating VoIP services into a business have lowered substantially, any business owner can now have access to a VoIP based phone system, which will help also give them an edge when competing against these big (any-sized!) businesses.

The majority of business owners have been using a landline as the basis for their business communication platform for many years now. Big businesses have been able to afford the cost of turnkey VoIP services for a long time now, giving them quite an edge when it comes to business efficiency.

Signing a business up for V1 VoIP technology can add a tremendous amount of value to any business. Updating a phone system from one that’s landline based to one that VoIP based can aid a business in running efficiently. It will also help save on communication costs.

Every business owner is going to want their transition from a landline based communication system to one that can now support high-tech VoIP services to go as smoothly as possible. Then you can do some planning, as well as a little research in order to understand which of the many turnkey VoIP services you’re interested in reselling to offer to businesses in your area so that they can run more efficiently.

Are you ready to upgrade the businesses around you to turnkey VoIP services and make some money? Contact V1 VoIP today!

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