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Retailers for V1 VoIP Reseller Services

V1 VoIP introduces retailers for white label voip reseller servicesV1 VoIP introduces VoIP Reseller Services for retailers, Internet Service Providers, call shops and all other interested business entities, aspiring to become VOIP Provider without going through the ordeal of setting up backbone operations, infrastructure, development, and conducting exhaustive research.

With the V1 VoIP reseller program, you can generate added recurring revenue from your existing and future client base by reselling V1 VoIP’s VoIP services to them on your brand, without any sort of technical, logistical and regulatory chores. Our reseller services ensure you an economical way of selling VoIP-enabled services to businesses having existing client-relationships in the captive audience for the same. All that you have to do is bring customers and we will handle the rest!

V1 VoIP resellers enjoy the following benefits

  • V1 VoIP resellers can fully re-brand our services as their own. Your customers will never see us or know about us.
  • V1 VoIP resellers enjoy the option of getting exclusive custom configured SIP Proxy and VoIP ATA provisioning system.
  • Our online tools are efficient enough to generate custom mark-ups in prices and complete online billing and reporting know the profits in business 24×7.
  • All end-users are entitled for our 24×7 help desk assistance.
  • Volume-based discounts with no commitments.
  • Get instant Reseller account activation with V1
Added Benefits offered by V1 VoIP
  • Timely software and patch updates, hire a developer program for customized applications.
  • Free Mobile dialer and SIP soft phone customized to your portal.
  • Easy to use billing and customer account management interfaces.
  • SIP encryption for VoIP blocked countries, encrypted devices available on request.

The V1 VoIP reseller program lets you offer commercial grade VoIP services in a rapid, hassle-free manner. Earn revenue right away! We let our small businesses associates start selling our services within minutes of their signing up with us. Want to get reselling our VoIP service? Sign up with V1 VoIP now!

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How To Make Money Reselling V1 VoIP Services

how do you make money by becoming a V1 VoIP white label reseller or private label resellerYou have thought about making more money by reselling VoIP services, but you’re not exactly sure how you make money by doing so. Here’s what you need to know!

Once you become a V1 VoIP reseller, you can immediately begin making money offering our VoIP services and solutions. We will give you a list of VoIP rates from either the United States or countries around the world. Then you can create your own rate list for your customers where you chose your own margins, determining how much you make from each VoIP service or customer. After that we remove the virtual amount from your customer’s account and the difference is for you! It’s that easy to make money reselling V1 VoIP services!

Here’s an example:
Your rate for Brazil is $0.16 EUR. You decide to get 20% margin from your customer, so your customer rate for Brazil is $0.192 EUR. For a 5 min call, we will charge you $0.80 EUR and your customer is charged $0.96 EUR. So your profit for that call is $0.16 EUR. Simple!

So what is the difference between becoming a V1 VoIP reseller and a V1 VoIP white label or private label reseller?

The advantages for becoming a white label or private label V1 VoIP reseller are:
* You are free to choose your own rates for your customers, so you can set the margins for each destination.
* You can make different ratelists for different customers.
* You can select a fixed margin (for ex. 10% on all destinations) or make custom lists.
* You can choose the min amount per minute that you wish to earn.
* You decide the billing increment for your customers.
* Your customers can also be resellers and create their own customers accounts. You will earn your profit margin on these calls as well!
* Logging on to the administration unit for your reselling system is seperated from the login page for your customers.

Don’t wait any longer to start earning money, start now! Contact our sales team to become a V1 VoIP reseller!

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V1 VoIP Turn Key White Label VoIP Reseller Program

start your VoIP phone company now with V1 VoIP's white label fully branded private reseller program turn key solutionsV1 VoIP offers you the ability to keep 100% of your profits as a private label VoIP reseller instead of starting your VoIP company only on commission. Earn more and grow faster with this turn key fully branded white label reseller program allows you to directly invoice and collect from your customers.

As a V1 VoIP white label reseller, you will get everything you need to start, run and grow a VoIP Business. From initial training to sales support, and installation assistance to customer maintenance your sure to have a partner there to help you every step of the way. There are no hardware investments, complicated network setups or carrier relations to manage.

At V1 VoIP, we believe that your success is our success.

V1 VoIP private label VoIP partners are able to order direct inbound dialing (DID) phone numbers in real time using V1 VoIP’s incredible and proprietary VoIP Portal backend system. Phone numbers are instantly active and ready to assign to any customer. In addition, you get access to over 60 high grade carriers with no minimum commitments to worry about. Leverage our buying power and sell service in the United States, Canada and over 80 international countries.

One of the most enjoyed features of V1 VoIP’s private label VoIP Reseller program is the included “direct-to-customer” technical support. As a partner you get a dedicated support numbers you can route your customers VoIP support calls to. A V1 VoIP technician will answer the call using your company name and provide assistance with any 3NG VoIP service. Escalations and local site visits are then provided to the reseller review.

V1 VoIP’s private label VoIP reseller program is designed to quickly enable professional service providers to offer their own business VoIP services using their brand. It’s an all inclusive solution including:

* Wholesale VoIP Services
* Integrated Billing System
* Web Based Customer Management
* Customized Marketing Collateral
* Branded Customer Support
*  100% Turnkey Setup

Contact a V1 VoIP representative today to get started as a V1 VoIP white label private VoIP reselling machine!

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V1 VoIP A to Z Wholesale Origination and Termination

V1 VoIP offers competitive A to Z wholesale origination and termination carrier servicesV1 VoIP offers competitive rates for wholesale A to Z origination and termination carriers services. V1 VoIP constantly offers the traffic on our wholesale ring, ensuring maximum quality of carrier services. Our wholesale carrier services offers operators the precise tools to execute dependable and steady telecommunication system and realizing the full potential of your business to be more competitive and globally-established.

A customized solution to suit your needs:

V1 VoIP’s suite of wholesale carrier services provides a complete international transport capacity for VoIP carriers. At V1 VoIp we provide SIP termination services to numerous telecommunication companies in different countries and states. VoIP carriers gain benefits from having competitively priced termination.

Whether you prefer a TDM or IP interconnection, we have the service to suit your network’s requirements. In addition, TDM in band signaling and Primary Rate Interface services are available, V1 VoIP has extensive connectivity with a national SS7 hub provider.

Here are only a few features and benefits of V1 VoIP wholesale carrier services:
* Optimal Network Performance
* City-specific Origination Capabilities
* Success rate 99.99%
* Signaling Protocol SIP / H.323
* Transmission Protocol TCP and UDP
* Excellent Service from the V1 VoIP’s Customer Support Management Team
* Customers may port-in TN’s within the local calling area
* Audio Codes G.711 and G.729
* Handoff SIP or TDM to your gateway, PBX, or softswitch

For a free demo of the powerful suite of wholesale carrier services, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today.

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V1 VoIP Class 5 Carrier Grade Softswitch Solutions

V1 VoIP provides its customers with a class 5 softswitch giving them carrier grade platform for voip solutionsThe V1 VoIP Class 5 softswitch platform is powered by reliable software based on open interfaces and protocols. It’s a perfect solution for any business looking for an efficient telephone service platform that increases revenue and supports an extensive variety of applications. Start augmenting your company revenues now by offering services such as wholesale voice and SMS termination, calling card (phone-to-phone), callback, broadband phone calling: all made available through the V1 VoIP class 5 softswitch.

What is a Class 5 Softswitch?
V1 VoIP’s Class 5 switch is a telephone exchange in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) from a local telephone company location which includes services such as basic dial-tone, digital and data services via local hoop, and a variety of calling features. The difference between a Class 5 switch and other class switches offered by V1 VoIP is that the Class 5 switch primarily deals with subscription type telephone services.

The V1 VoIP Class 5 softswitch also provides additional features, including allowing residential VoIP service providers the ability to offer a wide variety of IP phone services to its customers. The Class 5 softswitch is a complete solution that includes call routing, billing, DID assignment, auto-provisioning, e-commerce, and invoicing, all in one easy to use package.

What sort of features does the V1 VoIP Class 5 softswitch offer?
V1 VoIP’s Class 5 softswitch offers a reliable and powerful platform to manage voice applications such as unified messaging, voicemail, e-mail, conferencing, and Web interface. Specifically, the V1 VoIP Class 5 softswitch offers features like call waiting, unconditional call forwarding, three-way conferencing, advanced voicemail options, music on hold, residential account management, and unified messaging.

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V1 VoIP Private Label SIP Trunk Resellers

private label white label SIP trunk reselling program platform offered by V1 VoIP to PBX professional providersV1 VoIP SIP Trunking services and solutions allow businesses to enjoy crystal clear voice and enhanced call management while saving on their monthly telecom spending. SIP trunking has become the new voice standard, and is slowly replacing traditional services like Analog or POTs lines, PRI’s and other wire line connections.

V1 VoIP encourages our resellers to capitalize on our SIP trunking services.

If you are looking to sell, manage and invoice SIP Trunking services under your business name with immediate profits, consider becoming a V1 VoIP SIP Trunking VoIP Reseller. We offer private label options to our resellers so they can white label offer to their customers.

V1 VoIP works with PBX installers, technology professionals, and IT providers, allowing them to sell their own private labeled SIP Trunking services with custom invoices, automatic credit card billing and full partner support.

As a V1 VoIP reseller, there’s no network to maintain or carrier relations to worry about and all customer management is available through your reseller administrator portal. V1 VoIP is a turn-key solution that includes training and branded marketing collateral plus sales and implementation support to kick start your new SIP Trunking VoIP reseller business.

Here are some of the features of V1 VoIP’s Private Labeled SIP Trunking

* Compatible with All Phone Systems – Our SIP Trunks work with all SIP enabled systems.
* Nation Wide Coverage – Keep all existing DIDs and Toll Free numbers or order new ones from all 50 States and over 70 different countries.
* E911 Compliant – e911 auto location registration services
* Easy to Deploy – SIP Trunks can be provisioned and setup within minutes.
* White Label Branded Invoices – Invoices are white labeled have your logo and company info.
* Credit Card Integration – Accept credit card and bank payments from your customers.
* Disaster Recovery – Automatic call re-routing if customer PBX doesn’t respond.

If you have questions about SIP Trunk reselling, a V1 VoIP representative would love to answer your quesetions and help get you started increasing your profits by adding SIP Trunks to your product offering today.

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V1 VoIP Offers Wholesale Turnkey Solution

V1 VoIP offers turn key VoIP solutions to wholesale providers and softswitch renters

V1 VoIP offers turnkey wholesale VoIP with a range of connectivity options, backed with industry-leading support, very competitive rates and 24-hour turn-up. V1 VoIP offers turnkey VoIP solutions for wholesale service providers, carriers and other competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). Our wholesale services portfolio is a full suite of VoIP services, including origination, intrastate and interstate termination, toll-free call termination, turnkey VoIP services and managed modems.

V1 VoIP responds to the very specific needs of service providers and CLECs by working closely with them to design solutions to meet their unique requirements. V1 VoIP helps providers create cost-effective peering arrangements with the flexibility to route SIP sessions to a single provider for national termination. V1 VoIP offers preferential peering arrangements include flexible on-net/off-net rate decks, on-net origination with local DIDs, any-to-any peering, and local number portability.

To find out more information about the special offers from V1 VoIP regarding our wholesale turnkey VoIP solution or about renting our softswitch, contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team member now to get you started as a VoIP provider, learn about our competitive volume discount wholesale rates or to take a free test drive of our wholesale platform.

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Become a V1 VoIP Reseller with Origination Solutions

become a V1 voip reseller and offer your clients VoiP origination services and solutionsV1 VoIP provides complete turnkey VoIP solutions for those looking to enter the VoIP industry and our origination service prices cannot be beat. Our hosted residential and business solutions allow service providers to reliably and cost effectively deliver VoIP solutions. Here is what we have to offer:

Origination Carrier Services

* V1 VoIP offers origination services throughout the U.S.

* V1 VoIP offers DID (direct inbound dialing) phone numbers starting at $0.15!

* Service for over 9,200 rate centers in the North America

* Offering more than 60 countries worldwide with more added every day!

Termination Carrier Services

* Termination throughout the U.S. and Canada from traffic originating worldwide

* DIDs provided in thousands of markets throughout the USA

Become your own virtual phone company selling VoIP local and long-distance to customers located throughout the United States and the world

* Unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada.

* Full turnkey and white label solutions for VoIP services.

* Web based access to subscriber management and billing system via browser.

* Fully automated subscriber signup and monthly billing.

* Secure signup pages allow your subscribers to signup online and in real-time.

* Ability to customize invoices, billing emails, due dates, billing cycles, local and state tax tables and more.

* Ability to analyze call detail records, including call origination, destination, and duration.

* Branded OSS where subscribers manage many of their own features via browser.

* Features you would expect to pay more for with traditional telephone companies are included with each subscriber account. See list below.

* Branded 24/7 toll-free technical support (Included).

* Full compliancy with all E911 statutes.

* Toll-Free DIDs at competitive rates

* We aggregate only tier one carriers to ensure best quality of service

Start your VoIP business today with V1 VoIP’s turnkey origination services! Contact a member of our team to launch your business and make money in the VoIP market.

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Start Your Own Phone Company with V1 VoIP

start your own voip company and make money reselling V1 voip service and solutionsMaking extra money by starting your own VoIP company has never been easier because of V1 VoIP. We make it easy for you to become a V1 VoIP reseller and instantly begin offering VoIP services and solutions. Individuals and/or businesses or can earn ongoing commission revenue by starting their own VoIP phone reseller company with V1 VoIP.

Think it’s too difficult? Think again! It’s perfectly OK to start small. Don’t forget that everyone starts somewhere! Do you know 20 people who would leave their phone company and switch to VoIP service? Then why not help them, keep their phone number, and easily make the switch to reliable VoIP service, while you get paid for them as a V1 VoIP reseller?

V1 VoIP works with resellers who are individuals, small businesses, IT and business consultants that want to leverage their existing client base or individuals who may know of a company that needs to upgrade their existing phone system to VoIP.

Becoming a V1 VoIP reseller is a very simple process. Contact V1 VoIP to become a VoIP reseller. You can be as involved in the reseller process as you like. You can sell to 3 people or you can sell to 3,000, the choice is yours. A year from now you will wish you had started reselling today.

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V1 VoIP Class 5 SoftSwitch Features

V1 VoIP Class 5 Softswitch FeaturesV1 VoIP offers a carrier grade class 5 softswitch backed by powerful PortaOne technology. Our softswitch is integrated with a state of the art billing solution and Interactive Voice response (IVR) system. Our softswitch has been developed to suit V1 VoIP service providers with retail and wholesale operations, irrespective of their scale of business.

Multi-level reseller support, easy end user interface, integrated billing, and class 4 & 5 softswitch features are some of the highlighting features of V1 VoIP Softswitch. Important features such as reporting and monitoring tools, enhanced multi-tier security architecture, and supporting multi-modal origination devices and termination options are also included. Because of these features the V1 VoIP Softswitch becomes an ideal platform for all ITSP’s who want to provide service to retail consumers for their VoIP needs.

Based on V1 VoIP’s proprietary technology and partnership with PortaOne, the V1 VoIP Softswitch can be used in a single server platform as well in distributed architecture. It’s scalable and redundant deployment architecture makes it suitable for large IP carriers, who want a fail proof system in today’s competitive and service oriented market. The V1 VoIP Softswitch platform has been designed to meet the highest needs of carriers with multiple termination routes and has enough versatility to be used for traffic origination across calling card, call shop, IP devices, PC softphones (also called PC2Phone), DID’s and mobile VoIP applications.

For a free demo of the V1 VoIP class 5 softswitch and all it’s capabilities, contact a representative of V1 VoIP today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and show off our awesome technology.

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