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V1 VoIP Turnkey Wholesale Services

V1 VoIP provides a “turnkey” wholesale service solution to resellers and channel partners. This allows them to quickly offer services to both consumers and business clients. V1 VoIP’s wholesale VoIP offering then allows the channel partner to start selling immediately, without having to bear the otherwise steep costs of setting up their own infrastructures.

An advantage of leveraging V1 VoIP’s wholesale services as a channel partner is the ability to generate recurring revenue on a monthly basis. Many IT-based channel programs work differently, where the channel partner sells hardware or software licenses, and receives a larger up-front commission, but recurring revenues are smaller—requiring the reseller to constantly refresh their client base. Working on a model of recurring revenues is an easier model that allows a business to grow over time more reliably.

The SMB market in particular is an ideal target for resellers wanting to move into the Voice over IP business by taking advantage of the wholesale model. In a declining economy, businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money, and this type of service presents that opportunity. In addition, it requires comparatively very little from the customer in terms of up-front costs, making it an easy sell.

And, unlike other ongoing IT solutions, the continuing management and maintenance overhead is very minimal, giving the reseller an opportunity to gain a recurring revenue stream for very little work. Because you are using the services of a wholesale provider, it is then incumbent on that provider to maintain the infrastructure, and not you as a reseller.

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