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Make Money NOW with Turnkey V1 VoIP

Human hand holding steel metal house door lock keyThe thought of switching to a new and unknown business telecommunication platform can be a bit scary for a business that has grown use to their landlines. Anytime something new arrives in the technology world, there’s going to be a lot of questions that need to be answered about it. And these business owners are not always the most tech savvy. They hire people to deal with tech. And as long as the phones ring, they think there’s nothing wrong with them.

And that’s where V1 VoIP resellers come in!

Business owners might be comfortable using a landline as the basis for your business telecommunication system, but turnkey VoIP technology will be eventually replacing this landline, so you don’t want to wait until the very last minute to sign up for V1 VoIP services. It’s only a matter of time before every business owner will be utilizing turnkey VoIP technology. This means that sooner or later you’re going to have to upgrade to V1 VoIP turnkey services, the better!

Small and/or midsized business owners are waiting to upgrade is because they’ve heard that if their internet connection happens to go down they won’t be able to communicate at all. Although this does occur from time to time, it tends to happen more commonly in residential networks versus a business setting.

Because VoIP uses the internet to connect it’s essential that you have enough bandwidth for a secure and stable connection. As long as you have enough bandwidth to support your telephone traffic there’s no reason for you to expect anything less than great sound quality.

Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to learn more about reselling these turnkey VoIP services to small and medium size businesses and you can start making recurring revenue today!!!

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V1 Explains: Turnkey VoIP Services 101

v1-voip-explains-turnkey-voip-services-solutions-sytems-101You’re not the techie but you know enough to realize that a VoIP will save you significant money without sacrificing any of the features or service quality that you would expect from a more costly enterprise phone system. Because turnkey VoIP technology is still a mystery to so many businesses, V1 VoIP is explaining what turnkey VoIP services and systems are and some information on how this technology works.

Although VoIP technology has been for the most part been available for several decades, the cost of utilizing VoIP services had previously been only affordable to enterprise businesses. But over the past few years VoIP technology costs have lowered substantially, which means that any business owner can now sign up for high-tech VoIP services.

Turnkey VoIP means that the services are ready to go. Think of when you walk into a ‘turnkey’ house. It means you don’t have to do anything to call it home. Turnkey VoIP services are similar in the way that the services are ready to go immediately.

Turnkey VoIP uses the internet instead of a landline, so it no longer uses circuit switching and instead uses packet switching. This enhanced communication has not only greatly improved the overall voice quality of telephone calls, it also offers its users a number of highly beneficial communication features that allow for improved efficiency.

One of the main benefits associated with using VoIP technology is that many calls are now free for VoIP users, which can save a business substantial amounts of money. This includes both internal calls as well as external calls. Because computer applications and technologies can now be connected, business owners who upgrade to VoIP can expect a much more streamlined work environment.

Another benefit VoIP technology offers is conference calling. More popular than ever, when VoIP technology is used there are a number of additional benefits that business owners are going to find extremely helpful during important conference calls.

One feature businesses love and really take advantage is the ability to have a true mobile workforce. Employees can work out of the office, be on the road and be reachable by mobile device. Calls can also be forwarded to mobile devices on the office number which means you will never miss an important business phone call again.

If you still have questions about turnkey VoIP services and how seamlessly they can integrate with your current business communication system, please contact V1 VoIP today. We are happy to answer your questions and talk to you about all the features and benefits of V1 VoIP turnkey VoIP services.

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Turnkey V1 VoIP Services Offer Businesses Mobility

V1 VoIP turnkey phone system service resellers offer small businesses flexibility and mobile workforce capabilitiesProper communication is an essential ingredient to making a business successful. This is where V1 VoIP turnkey phone systems and services come in. V1 VoIP turnkey phone systems are now financially available for any business that’s ready to upgrade their current business communication system to one that utilizes VoIP. Turnkey phone systems are much more affordable than they have been in year past, any and all businesses that are looking to upgrade their current business communications to ones with the advanced features turnkey VoIP systems offer.

V1 VoIP resellers are seeing one of the favorite benefits being the ability to provide its employees with the ability to connect to the office using their mobile phone. Companies are finding that the capability for employees to connect to the office when they’re out and about is an extremely convenient feature that allows for much better efficiency.

Gone are the days when an employee needed to be tethered to the office to be working. Mobility is everything in the modern age. And with V1 VoIP turnkey phone services, employees have everything they need to work away from the office.

In today’s highly competitive business market the more efficient a business can be, the better. Companies are swiftly embracing mobility when they have the ease to connect with and effectively communicate with their office when they’re mobile, even though it means that the expectations on them to always be available when needed have now been set into place. The ability for an employee to connect to the office at any time and from anywhere allows for much more flexibility, as well as provides for a much more efficient business communication system.

Take your business to the next level with a V1 VoIP turnkey phone system. Contact us now for a free demo of what these advanced systems can do for your business.

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V1 VoIP Offers Wholesale Turnkey Solution

V1 VoIP offers turnkey wholesale VoIP with a range of connectivity options, backed with industry-leading support, very competitive rates and 24-hour turn-up. V1 VoIP offers turnkey VoIP solutions for wholesale service providers, carriers and other competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). Our wholesale services portfolio is a full suite of VoIP services, including origination, intrastate and interstate termination, toll-free call termination, turnkey VoIP services and managed modems.

V1 VoIP responds to the very specific needs of service providers and CLECs by working closely with them to design solutions to meet their unique requirements. V1 VoIP helps providers create cost-effective peering arrangements with the flexibility to route SIP sessions to a single provider for national termination. V1 VoIP offers preferential peering arrangements include flexible on-net/off-net rate decks, on-net origination with local DIDs, any-to-any peering, and local number portability.

To find out more information about the special offers from V1 VoIP regarding our wholesale turnkey VoIP solution or about renting our softswitch, contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team member now to get you started as a VoIP provider, learn about our competitive volume discount wholesale rates or to take a free test drive of our wholesale platform.

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