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Toll Free V1 VoIP Origination in Canada and USA

V1 VoIP offers toll free voip origination in Canada and the United States with complete coverage across North America

When you resell V1 VoIP, it’s easy to expand your VoIP footprint and increase your carrier offerings with advanced toll free VoIP services and solutions. Easily offer more VoIP options to your customers using our toll-free origination service to deliver toll-free calls originated on the PSTN to your network for termination.

The V1 VoIP North American footprint covers virtually all of the continent, blanketing the United States and Canada with coverage. Your customers will be able to originate toll-free calls in nearly any carrier market in North America.

V1 VoIP toll free origination key features:

Competitive pricing – at per-minute rates based on term or volume commitments
Toll-free number look-up and registration – V1 VoIP is a toll-free RespOrg. We can port existing numbers or perform lookups, vanity searches, and registration of new 800/855/866/877/888 numbers.
NPA/NXX Blocking – deliver end customer options to restrict calling areas by NPA & NXX.
Advanced Routing Options – offer time-of-day, day-of-week, holiday, or specific number routing.
Call Distribution/Allocation – distribute calls to various locations on a percentage basis.
Your Choice of Direct Interconnection– TDM (MF, SS7 or ISDN signaling) or VoIP (SIPor H.323)
Daily call detail records (CDRs) – with flexible delivery options for providing customers with traffic pattern details.

With V1 VoIP’s toll free Origination services, you can:

Expand your product portfolio without capital investment in toll-free network infrastructure.
Give customers an enhanced toll-free feature set with advance routing, call allocation/distribution and NPA/NXX blocking features.
Dedicated Trunk Groups aggregate your traffic on a single trunk group for termination on your switch.

Take advantage of the extensive V1 VoIP carrier interconnections, and superior North American toll-free coverage to deliver valuable routing and call delivery features to help you grow your business. There’s no need to look further for your origination needs. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to launch your origination needs.

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Goodbye to Tiers One Price Origination with V1 VoIP

Say goodbye to more than a dozen tiers of pricing and billing nightmares. At V1 VoIP, we don’t believe in multiple tiers for origination. It’s one tier, one price, which is why “1” is in our name! We offer our origination with one price and one price only across the United States.

Along with our one price origination, we offer DIDs for as little as $0.15 and your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED Channels or Channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED Usage.

Why did we change to a one tier price model?

We had resellers come to us saying they were tired of paying different tiers of pricing for American origination usage. One told us their minutes got filed into more than 20(!) different pricing categories. They told us billing was a nightmare and wished there was a way to simplify. So we did!

Our resellers report easy understanding of both their bill, and the ease of billing their customers as well.

When V1 VoIP is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to those multiple pricing tiers.
V1 VoIP also has a state-of-the-art back-end VoIP portal that allows our clients access to all of our carrier services including:

 Search by state, rate center, NPA/NXX
 11,000 US rate centers
 Advanced Forwarding to up to 3 local numbers or IP addresses
 Ability to Bulk Update changes to all DIDs
 Available E911
 Available In and Outbound CNAM
 Available In and Out bound Fax
 Available Directory Listing

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of V1 VoIP’s one tier pricing offer. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up nowand we’ll give you a free demo of our back-end proprietary system that will make billing your clients a breeze.

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