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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Features – Voice mail to Text

V1 VoIp hosted pbx features include voice mail to text message

V1 VoIP reseller partners take full advantage of a wealth of advanced cloud hosted PBX features. Businesses of all types and sizes will easily maintain uninterrupted communication and deliver quality customer support.

V1 VoIP resellers increase their profits by offering V1 VoIP hosted PBX phone systems, which come with state-of-the-art communication features including the sophisticated voice mail to text message service.

Checking a stuffed voicemail box can be a real productivity-killer. The problem isn’t only the number of messages one must listen to, but the time wasted trying to sift out the important information. A V1 VoIP PBX puts you back on track with Voicemail to Text, an easy way to visually skim the contents of each voicemail and get the necessary highlights to quickly follow-up. There’s no need to take notes or scribble down phone numbers and email addresses – that’s already been done for you.

Your Voicemail to Text messages are delivered directly to either your email or mobile phone as text, along with an audio file attachment containing the original message. Voicemail to Text is powered by cutting edge voice recognition technology, ensuring you always get a high quality transcription. You can review your messages or change your Voicemail to Text settings online at any time, including where your messages are sent and which of your voicemail boxes have the feature enabled.

Business VoIP service is constantly moving forward. The key to staying ahead is to have access to the latest phone system features as soon they are available, at little or no additional cost. That’s why we’re committed to consistently building the V1 VoIP feature set.

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Control Your Financial Future as a V1 VoIP Reseller

At V1 VoIP, we believe that our reseller’s success is our success. That’s why we do everything possible to put the best VoIP reseller opportunity into your hands. The business of being a VoIP reseller is one of the hottest sectors in today’s technology world. So why should you join forces with V1 VoIP? Let us explain:

Become Your Own Boss.
We’ve all dreamt of running our own business, being in charge, having control over our own financial destiny. When you become a V1 VoIP reseller, you take the first steps towards making your own living. As a V1 VoIP reseller you can sell the services and solutions that you want to the customers you want to sell to. Create sub resellers under yourself if you wish, and create exponential recurring income. How you run your business is your choice.

Private Label Resellership
Take reselling to the next level with the V1 VoIP private label reseller program. As a V1 VoIP private label reseller, you have your own company, your own name, your own brand, even your own logo. Your customers don’t see V1 VoIP at all. As a V1 VoIP private label reseller, you are doing more than simply reselling our products, you are selling our products as your own.

Offer a Quality Product
In this economic climate, know that you are offering a product that will seriously benefit your customers. You are not offering them something they don’t need and don’t want. You are offering a service that will benefit their daily business lives, streamline their company operations and save them money in the process. V1 VoIP services and solutions come from long relationships with only the best vendors. This means our resellers offer carrier-grade turnkey solution for their customers as well as ongoing IT support when you or your customers need it. And speaking of IT support…

No previous IT knowledge required.
You don’t have to be a VoIP or IT expert to become a successful reseller. All you need is decent sales and marketing skills, some market research and you’re good to go. V1 handles all things VoIP and technology, service and support so you don’t have to.

To learn more about how you can become a V1 VoIP reseller, simply fill out our Sign Up Now form and one of our representatives will contact you to answer any questions you may have and take you on a free demo tour of our powerful platform. Don’t wait any longer to control your business future! Sign up today!

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V1 VoIP Resellers Report Rise in Conference Calling

and conference bridge services in demand from small medium size businesses” />

Business owners know that it is crucial to their success to be as efficient as possible in order to effectively compete with their competitors. V1 VoIP resellers offer these businesses the ability to streamline their communications, run more efficiently and save them money in the process. One of the most in demand features that V1 VoIP resellers are hearing from their small and medium size business customers is an improved way to place conference calls.

V1 VoIP technology allows conference callers to connect to a conference bridge using a new method that keeps the connection constantly open. This allows the data to travel directly across the internet while using the most resourceful pathway possible, vs. using the traditional analog telephone system that routed telephone calls through a number of various channels until it finally was able to reached the conference bridge.

Although many businesses have been using conference calling as a form of communication for years, conference calls made with V1 VoIP technology offers users a number of benefits that just cannot be found when using a traditional analog system. First and foremost, it will save a business owner money. In a competitive world where time is money, conference calls using V1 VoIP technology are faster and more reliable a business will also save on time.

Conference calling that uses VoIP technology offers a number of highly helpful features allowing a business to pick and choose which ones are going to best benefit their particular company. Some of these features include call waiting, call transferring, call forwarding, caller ID, call muting and more.

When a business decides that it’s time to upgrade their current (and now considered to be outdated) business communication system to one that utilizes new VoIP technology, they’re taking the first step that will allow them access to a number of benefits that can lead to their business running much more efficiently. Those who are interested in reselling VoIP systems should know that right now is a great time to get their foot in the door.

Small and mid-sized businesses are looking for VoIP resellers so they can sign up to receive high-tech V1 VoIP services. Right now is considered to be only the beginning when it comes to a business signing up to receive new VoIP communication technology. If you’re someone who wants to resell V1 VoIP services and solutions, then please contact us at V1 VoIP now.

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Make Money Reselling V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX

five easy ways to make money reselling v1 voip hosted PBX to your customers

The main reason that VoIP businesses do not enter the hosted PBX provider world can be summed up in one word: money. There is a huge up front investment of money to deploy this state of the art technology. It’s having the cash on hand to get going that keeps people from doing it.

But as a V1 VoIP reseller instead of spending money, you are making money!

As a V1 VoIP reseller, you can start reselling cloud hosted PBX right now and see a return on your investment almost immediately when your sales numbers grow. Without incurring a huge upfront investment to deploy this technology, V1 VoIP resellers have immediate access to cloud hosted PBX for their clients.

Here are five ways you can make money by reselling V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX:

1. Once you gain a customer with cloud hosted PBX services, that customer will want to establish a long-term relationship with a customer and sell complementary services.

2. V1 VoIP offers a complete unified communications solution, offering comprehensive channel programs that make it easy for you to easily integrate a bit of uniqueness into your hosted PBX offering.

3. Don’t forget to upsell! V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX resellers have upgrades and options a way to generate additional revenues. Some of those opportunities include up-and-coming technologies like remote control services, meeting hosting, video conferencing, virtual office services and archiving.

4. V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX reseller program allows resellers to purchase its services with no start-up costs, at a discount off direct retail prices, create custom packages and set their own prices for customers, including “per-seat’ fees if they so chose. This, along with the ability to customize packages for each client, enables the resellers to more effectively set and control their own profit margins as well as to serve customers with immediate needs and limited investment capital.

5. At V1 VoIP, we recognize the importance for resellers to provide as seamless a package as possible to their customers. The V1 VoIP white label program gives hosted PBX resellers the opportunity to further develop and maintain their brands by offering a management portal and user interface that appears as if they built and designed it themselves.

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