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V1 VoIP Explains Benefits of Virtual Numbers

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V1 VoIP specializes in offering DID (direct inbound dialing) phone numbers. But there are several different types of DID numbers. There’s the basic one which is a home phone number. There’s toll free DID numbers, which are 1-800 prefixes. And then there’s virtual DID phone numbers. Here, V1 VoIP explains the benefits of having a DID phone number for a business.

A virtual DID number is a telephone number that does not possess a directly associated telephone line. In the majority of cases, virtual numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to a pre-set telephone number chosen by the client. For businesses, virtual phone numbers are incredibly beneficial to strengthening the relationship of a company and client.

The three main benefits of V1 VoIP virtual DID phone numbers are:

1. No hardware required
Because virtual numbers will take advantage of current telephone lines and equipment, there’s no need to purchase additional hardware. Most virtual numbers will only require a pre-configured phone, but you will still not be required to purchase additional piece of hardware, which will end up saving you significant amounts of money in the process. Business owners can also choose to get new or retain their own phone numbers and if you decide to change from one virtual phone system to the other, you will flexibly be able to take your numbers with you, wherever you go.

2. Calls get transfered anywhere
One of the great features of this technology is after it has been setup, it becomes a part of you whether you choose to remain in the office or be out on the road. With virtual phone numbers, calls will be transferred to your calling medium irrespective of your location. Your inbound phone calls can ring multiple phone numbers, including cell and land lines, which will allow you to answer calls regardless of what your location is. In addition, function like ‘find me’ and ‘follow me’ are programmable too, allowing you to set them according to your own preference.

3. No limit on virtual number quantity
Virtual phone systems can provide you with all of the local and toll-free telephone numbers that your business needs requires. After you obtain the extensions of virtual telephone numbers from V1 VoIP, you will easily be able to carry out the communication objective of your organization without having those occasional thorns or razors coming in your way.

With these features of V1 VoIP virtual phone numbers, businesses will be able to create one of the healthiest relationships with their clients. Add virtual DID phone numbers to your reseller portfolio of services to offer to your clients. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to get started reselling virtual phone numbers.

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Start Reselling DIDs with V1 VoIP Carrier Services

start a DID reseller business with V1 VoIP database of numbers

One of the easiest ways to get your V1 VoIP reseller business started is with virtual phone numbers. Known as DIDs (direct inbound dialing) in the VoIP world, these virtual phone numbers are a fast way to get started making money by reselling VoIP and V1 VOIP carrier services.

V1 VoIP has the largest database of North American DIDs for you to choose from and thousands of others internationally. If you’re looking for a virtual phone number in the United States or Canada, there’s almost certainty that V1 VoIP can help you get it. There’s hardly any start up costs and we can have you up and running within 24 hours.

Getting a geographic number in Manhattan while you are working at your office in Los Angeles or Paris is crucial for business owners. This way your clients will no longer have to incur long-distance or international call costs to reach you. It also gives your business a global point of presence.

The DID phone number market is enormous, with an estimated $7 billion each year. As people look to assign virtual telephone numbers, whether for business purposes or to their Skype username, DID numbers have become popular…and a necessity.

If you would like to start your own DID reseller company or to learn more about DID offerings, contact V1 VoIP now.

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V1 VoIP and Call Centers Make a Happy Marriage

V1 VoIP offers call centers features and benefits including cloud based hosted pbx and toll free numbers

By using an VoIP-based Internet calling network, V1 VoIP helps call centers save money and work more efficiently. At V1 VoIP, we offer call centers the features and benefits they need to succeed and handle many calls simultaneously. This is what makes V1 VoIP and call centers a happy marriage.

Non-VoIP phone systems often see difficulty with the high call frequency and low call duration commonly associated with call centers. However, VoIP offers lower bandwidth usage and provides many features you would think are designed with call centers in mind. With resourceful call management tools, call recording options (think of the voice that says ‘this call may be recorded’), and more powerful calling features, VoIP is a powerful asset for any call center.

V1 VoIP is proud to work with some amazing call centers. Here are the features that they love from us:

1. Cloud Hosted PBX
Along with being expensive to purchase and the time necessary for a business to be down to install, traditional PBX phone management system requires almost constant maintenance, which wastes both time and money. By using V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX systems call centers eliminate the need for on-site hardware and the phone maintenance that comes with it. For a low monthly rate, call centers can simply connect to an off-site PBX located at V1 VoIP. From there, all of the hard work and skilled labor is done by us, letting call centers focus on actually taking and making calls instead of tinkering with the phone system all day.

2. Range of Toll Free Calling Options
Having a toll-free number gives a business a national presence and allows customers to contact them globally for free. A toll-free number serves as a catch-all for connecting users to a calling center. Toll-free numbers are offered at a much lower rate with V1 VoIP. V1 also has the ability to block certain toll-free numbers coming from unwanted sources, with the effects taking place immediately.

3. Virtual Numbers
V1 VoIP offers virtual phone numbers, which forward calls made to a custom phone number directly to a calling center. V1’s virtual numbers in the same area code as a target demographic give the impression that there is a call center in that region. The custom area codes for these numbers function as if they originated from that region, including the associated low rate of local calling for both parties.

4. Higher Quality, Lower Rates
When calls are sent in a digital format they are compressed more densely than traditional analog phone signals. They also require a far smaller infrastructure than the miles of telephone wires stretching across the country, which lowers the required costs for making calls. This allows for a call to be much higher in quality, meaning no more ‘can you hear me now?’ Higher audio quality means that customers will never have to hear a garbled message again, which boosts relations further.

If you are interested in obtaining V1 VoIP’s services for call centers, contact a member of our call center team now to answer any questions you may have.

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How to Market V1 VoIP Services to College Students

Thousands of college students have headed to universities across the globe for the first time this fall. Many of them have computers that they can’t live without, but don’t have the money for expensive cell phone planes or worse, dorm room landlines for long distance. Most dorms provide WiFi clouds, but students have no way to hook a VoIP internet phone adapter to the university’s modem. This is why this market is perfect for VoIP services.

Many students might be interested to learn they can use their computer as a wireless VoIP bridge if they use their Wireless and Ethernet cards at the same time. Just, plug your phone adapter into the Ethernet port and grab a signal using your wireless card. Enjoy your V1 VoIP services and call mom and dad every now and then!

A wireless VoIP phone might be the easiest solution, however you shouldn’t overlook the possibility that a WiFi bridge might solve your problem. Bridges receive the wireless internet signal that’s being broadcast and allow you to physically plug in devices like voip adapters or a computer. Then you can connect your phone line to the adapter and bam! You have VoIP! Without all the geekery of speaking to your computer.

Want to make some money while you’re in college? Reselling V1 VoIP phone numbers to the college students in the dorm down the hall is easy and a great way to save those students money in the process. By getting their parents a virtual phone number, students can avoid high long distance charges when they call home! It makes the transition to living hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles from home a lot easier.

Would you like to get started making money by selling voip phones? Contact V1 VoIP now!

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