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V1 VoIP 800 Numbers How to Make Money

Businesses and organizations use toll free phone numbers for many reasons. Whether it’s for customer support, the generation of sales or leads, or simply to aid in customer overall communication and satisfaction, there are many uses for these valuable VoIP phone numbers. Callers can make telephone calls without spending money by using 800 numbers, commonly known as toll free numbers. Who pays for the call then? It’s the owner of the phone number. And if you want to offer 800 toll free numbers to your customers, V1 VoIp enables you to make money offering this service quickly and easily.

Toll free VoIP phone numbers usually start with 800, but lately have expanded to include 866 and 888. In certain instances you can make use of your own 800 number to receive a commission per call. In this case, the user will be prompted to use a debit or credit card to obtain the information you provide.

Three ways to make money with V1 VoIP 800 phone numbers:

1. Choose an industry in which you have interest and contacts.

2. Prepare valuable information for the customers and record your content, ensuring that it plays through the phone system clearly. Make it appealing for your customers so they will be tempted to call to your 800 number.

3. Talk to V1 VoIP about toll free VoIP service. V1 VoIP offers both pay per call and pay per minute option, based on your business needs, and can handle many calls simultaneously on the same line.

4. Compose a welcome message for your customers. Include information about your services, the length of the call and the cost of the call. Communicate to the user that he must be above eighteen years of age to use the service and inform the user when he is going to be charged for the call. Price your services to cover your telephone service costs plus your desired commission per call.

5. Provide callers with various automated menu options to listen to the pre-recorded content.

6. Market your 800 number. Create a website and place print ads to promote your site. Use a web call button on your site for your customers to make calls through the Internet. Use an availability button, if you desire, to let the users know when you are available.

V1 VoIP sits at the forefront of 800 toll free numbers, offering them to customers for their business needs. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to get your own 800 VoIP phone number.

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