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V1 VoIP Saves Call Centers Money on Traffic

V1 VoIP saves call centers money on termination voice traffic minutes

If you are a call center then you understand that call termination, especially large volumes of interstate and intrastate traffic, can get expensive even with dedicated long distance lines. V1 VoIP can save your call center money on termination traffic by converging your voice and data traffic over a single connection, you can save not only on port fees, but also on a per-minute basis as well.

V1 VoIP can help call centers lower their costs on large volumes of termination minutes. While other VoIP providers may shy away from call center traffic, V1 VoIP welcomes it. We specialize in dialer SIP termination, voice broadcasting termination and call center SIP services. V1 VoIP also offers predictive dialer solutions for call centers so they may fully capitalize on their time.

V1 VoIP termination routes are dialer friendly with no added penalties or surcharges for dialer traffic. And, our billing increments and rounding are tailored to contact center termination to ensure you are not penalized for short duration calls typical for predictive dialing.

As well, our infrastructure and the infrastructure of downstream carriers have been extensively tested for high calls per second (CPS) usage typical of dialer traffic. We support Caller ID and Caller Name on outbound calls on most of our routes.

Don’t keep spending a fortune on your call center termination traffic. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP call center team today and ask about the options we have to save you money on your call center termination traffic costs.

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V1 VoIP Streamlines Call Centers with ACD Queues


A VoIP call center works around a VoIP phone system. VoIP call centers usually are not only on a VoIP network but also use VoIP phones. V1 VoIP can streamline the effeciency of these call centers by providing automatic call distribution (ACD) queues.

Call centers are groups of workers that is set up to handle nothing but calls, calls, calls. Typically the incoming or outgoing calls are for one purpose, such as tech support, poll taking or sales. Regardless of the size of a company, they usually employ at least one call center, however you might not refer to it by that name. For example, a real estate company might employ 20 people with the majority being agents. However there might be two or three people whose sole purpose is to call and inform clients about open houses. They need a phone system that can handle calls correctly, minimize wait time for callers, and improve company efficiency, which only becomes more important for companies with more employees.

V1 VoIP specializes in inbound VoIP call centers and Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD queues. An inbound VoIP call center receives incoming calls and distributes them to the workers in the department handling calls. Think of calling customer support, it routes calls to the support department and reaches the first available person, which cuts down on the amount of hold time. This type of call routing across multiple people is handled by ACD queues. V1 VoIP ACD queues can have multiple methods for call distribution, such as load-balancing, or routing to a specific department based on description, or even hierarchical routing that moves entire groups of people in to help take calls when load is heavy. Even small companies like the real estate example, can benefit from V1’s well-implemented ACD routing.

Traditional call centers which use legacy phone switches have to wire all of the involved phones into one system, while a VoIP call center can enable the use of a VoIP phone from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. A feature of V1 VoIP call centers is workers that are part of the VoIP call center don’t need to work in the same location, as opposed to traditional phone lines or PBX equipment. This type of call center is known as a distributed call center, and allows for mobile workers or employees from satellite offices.

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you have or how many employees are working, we can streamline your technology, making it more efficient and save you money. To learn more about how V1 VoIP can help you implement a VoIP call center for your company with our state of the art ACD queues, contact a V1 VoIP call center representative today.

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V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer In Election 2016

Did you know that the Obama campaign spent more than $2 billion dollars to win his second Presidential election? It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it. And the VoIP industry saw a huge chunk of that money, mainly from the predictive dialer services. Many polls are still conducted via phone and that’s how those election numbers on the news are generated on a daily basis as the election draws near.

Four years later, the VoIP telecommunications world is gearing up again for another American presidential election and the predictive dialer needs that will be required. V1 VoIP carriers and providers enjoy being able to pass the traffic to those calls about who you would vote for in an election. Sure they are annoying, especially when they interrupt dinner, but to V1 VoIP predictive dialer traffic providers, they sound like money.

Predictive dialers are also used in large call centers, automatically dials calls and screens them for no-answers, busy signals and answering machines. , etc. When an answering machine picks up, a recorded message is left or the call is skipped. When a live person answers, the V1 VoIP predictive dialer hands the call off to a volunteer and produces a pop-up screen for the volunteer, providing the dialed person’s name and address. Imagine the boost in productivity campaigns get when volunteers aren’t spending most of their time dialing phones and listening to them ring! What’s more, the virtual nature of the system means that your campaign volunteers can work from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

If you are interested in providing predictive dialer traffic for the 2016 presidential election, contact V1 VoIP today. Over a year away, this field of candidates is making the race interesting for voters (thanks Trump and Hilary!), so traffic is only going to go up in spikes as next November draws near.

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V1 VoIP and Call Centers Make a Happy Marriage

V1 VoIP offers call centers features and benefits including cloud based hosted pbx and toll free numbers

By using an VoIP-based Internet calling network, V1 VoIP helps call centers save money and work more efficiently. At V1 VoIP, we offer call centers the features and benefits they need to succeed and handle many calls simultaneously. This is what makes V1 VoIP and call centers a happy marriage.

Non-VoIP phone systems often see difficulty with the high call frequency and low call duration commonly associated with call centers. However, VoIP offers lower bandwidth usage and provides many features you would think are designed with call centers in mind. With resourceful call management tools, call recording options (think of the voice that says ‘this call may be recorded’), and more powerful calling features, VoIP is a powerful asset for any call center.

V1 VoIP is proud to work with some amazing call centers. Here are the features that they love from us:

1. Cloud Hosted PBX
Along with being expensive to purchase and the time necessary for a business to be down to install, traditional PBX phone management system requires almost constant maintenance, which wastes both time and money. By using V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX systems call centers eliminate the need for on-site hardware and the phone maintenance that comes with it. For a low monthly rate, call centers can simply connect to an off-site PBX located at V1 VoIP. From there, all of the hard work and skilled labor is done by us, letting call centers focus on actually taking and making calls instead of tinkering with the phone system all day.

2. Range of Toll Free Calling Options
Having a toll-free number gives a business a national presence and allows customers to contact them globally for free. A toll-free number serves as a catch-all for connecting users to a calling center. Toll-free numbers are offered at a much lower rate with V1 VoIP. V1 also has the ability to block certain toll-free numbers coming from unwanted sources, with the effects taking place immediately.

3. Virtual Numbers
V1 VoIP offers virtual phone numbers, which forward calls made to a custom phone number directly to a calling center. V1’s virtual numbers in the same area code as a target demographic give the impression that there is a call center in that region. The custom area codes for these numbers function as if they originated from that region, including the associated low rate of local calling for both parties.

4. Higher Quality, Lower Rates
When calls are sent in a digital format they are compressed more densely than traditional analog phone signals. They also require a far smaller infrastructure than the miles of telephone wires stretching across the country, which lowers the required costs for making calls. This allows for a call to be much higher in quality, meaning no more ‘can you hear me now?’ Higher audio quality means that customers will never have to hear a garbled message again, which boosts relations further.

If you are interested in obtaining V1 VoIP’s services for call centers, contact a member of our call center team now to answer any questions you may have.

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